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Marketing Introduction Marketing is a process involving planning and execution of prices, distribution and promotion of ideas, services and goods that satisfy individual needs. International marketing and business involves and ensures that needs of people and are taken into consideration. Marketing is essential strategies to win the competition from other companies and organizations providing the same product and services in the area as well as attract the target market. Marketing strategies involves the provision of promotions to major customers, media marketing strategies such as television broadcasting and radio entertainment, marketing advertisements in newspapers and magazines and advertisement using banners and billboards (Baines, Fill, & Page, 2011).
Company description objectives and sample for survey
The Russ All construction limited company located in California United States is to produce steel products, design process and produce high quality components and machinery that exceed the consumer requirements. This is by employing appropriate art technology and highly skilled work force. This is to ensure production of quality goods to meet the demands of the consumers. It is also in line to ensure a healthy competition with other steel and manufacture companies. The company vision is to be the regional and international market leader in production and designs of steel products and components. Core values incorporated include customer focus, integrity, teamwork, social responsibility, professionalism and environmental responsibilities.
The area to be involved for the survey is California area in United States to determine their view and perception of the products produced by the Russ All construction limited company. The reason for conducting the survey is determining the awareness among the residents of the company. The survey will also determine preference of customers to buy the products produced by the company over other companies producing similar products. The survey will later be used by the company improvement on the production, marketing process, and meeting demands of consumers for the company, to reach the desired target market (Leung, 2001).
Research method
The method to be used to collect data is the use of questionnaires to the sample identified. Members in the company have been selected to conduct the survey. They are divided to groups, and they are to provide residents with the questionnaire papers to fill under guidance (Kruschke, 2010). Data for the survey was collected analyzed, and the finding presented.
Questions used include:
1) The awareness of the products provide by Russ All Construction Company
2) The perception of the brand name of the company
3) What can the company do in order to reach the target market?
4) Is the quality of the products desirable to the consumer?
5) What is the state of supply in terms of availability of goods and products to demand?
6) How is the suitability and reliability of the products compared to other similar products?
7) Do the company’s goods meet the needs and demands of the consumers?
8) What can the company do to meet the consumer demands?
9) Are the prices fair and considerable compared to other similar goods offered?
10) What can the company do to improve on the quality of products produced as well as services improvement?
An advertisement for the company’s products
‘ The Russ All construction limited company produces steel products, design high quality process, and manufacture high integrity machinery and components. The company employs appropriate art technology and highly skilled work force to ensure production of high quality products to meet customer’s needs. Buy quality steel products in affordable and standardized prices’.
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