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Yajayra Resendiz 12/06/2012 Period 8 Mrs. Carr Investigative Paper Introduction Paragraph Suicide takes the lives of nearly 30, 000 American’s every year. People may think that suicide is probably really ridiculous, or they may even think that suicide is your solution to their problems. There are many things that lead someone to commit suicide, which are mental illnesses, Drug abuse, and Alcohol abuse. I. Mental illnesses Most of the people that commit suicide have some sort of mental illnesses. But since those people are treated for those mental illnesses, those medications and people who pay close attention. They can help prevent someone from committing suicide. People should pay close attention to their love ones, or close friends that have any sort of mental illnesses, some examples of mental illnesses would be Depression, Anxiety, bipolar, or even schizophrenia. These people are at a higher risk. Depression makes a person feel very alone, makes you feel down; and a whole bunch of other negative emotions. Depression is also one of the most common causes of suicide. “ Studies have shown that over 90 percent of people who die from suicide have one or more psychiatric disorders at the time at the time of their death. ” (stopasuicide. org) People who have anxiety are also people who tend to commit suicide. Anxiety is a disorder that lots of people live with it’s also a very serious mental illness, people who have it are very panicky they worry a lot, they are also very fearful in their entire life. These things could drive a person to commit suicide them living paranoid almost there entire life. “ People with an anxiety disorder are 6 to 10 times more likely than the general population to commit suicide. ” (stopasucide. org) People with Schizophrenia are really messed up in their minds. They think so many negative thoughts and so many things go through their minds. I’ve heard that people with Schizophrenia hear voices in their heads. So many that is want causes them to commit suicide. “ Tragically, suicide is a fatal response to a treatable illness, usually depression. ” (Douglas, Jacobs, MD) II. Drug abuse It has been proven by researchers that people who use drugs have a higher chance of having any sort of suicidal thoughts. Or, they even are attempting to commit suicide. Drugs can influence you to feel many things, like some claim that it can make your worries go away. Some of the most common drugs that I hear are being abused are Cocaine and yes, Marijuana Cocaine is a very horrible drug that has some severe side effects. It makes your nose messed up, it makes you lose weight. Also Cocaine has a stronger effect that will make you feel like you have no problems at all. But that only last for a while. After doing it for a while you will start to feel very desperate and it will eventually lead you to do some very bad things, like suicide. Marijuana is a very common drug that is used by teens. It is also a drug that teens or even people think that the drug “ Marijuana” will help take your problems away, and it does BUT only for a while. All your problems will still be there after you “ High” is gone. And after its gone it makes people think many horrible things. Also even when people are high they tend to think about their problems and they begin to think about how their life probably isn’t worth living and those horrible things called drugs with make you impulsive and the next thing you could now is that you are attempting suicide. (Just like Cocaine.) III. Alcohol Abuse Every year more teens are committing suicide. Suicide is the most common way that young people are dying from. Alcohol abuse may be a result from problems that the person is have with their family or even them having low self-esteem. Having family problems could lead a teen to suicide, if like they are dealing with many things. Like if, maybe one of their parents or even sibling they were extremely close to, or they talk to about personal issues passes away. The teen or even person could feel completely alone. So these people or teens resort to drinking away their problems, they feel the rush or it just makes them feel way better. Also maybe the teen or person has a very low self-esteem they could be anti-social and that would mean that they are alone most of the time so they would do things that would make them popular , also alcohol will make you do things that the person has never had the courage to do. The person or teen would begin to eventually abuse the alcohol substance and alcohol messes with your mind. It will make you feel as if your problems are really bad, and not be worth living anymore. Alcohol stimulates suicide, alcohol messes with your head and people become bold. Alcohol gives you that extra boost. People who drink tend to do it because they have “ issues”. They figure drinking alcohol will make them feel better, but they do have other options, they just don’t seek them. Conclusion: To sum everything all up Suicide is cause by many different things. Lots of people think it may be cause by one specific thing. But here in this paper in explains to you some of the main causes of suicide. Findings This survey was taken by eleven people, ten students and one teacher. In my results sixty percent of the people said that they knew someone who has committed suicide. Most of the people in the survey answered that they believed that suicide was horrible. Sixty percent of the people answered that that they were strongly against suicide, but then there was that bit of people that weren’t really against suicide or had neutral feelings toward it. Ninety-eight percent of the people answered that they were aware that Depression was one of the leading causes of suicide, the rest were only somewhat aware of that. For the most part most of the people answered that they have never ever considered suicide or even attempted it. However, I did have two who answered they have considered suicide, and I had one of those who even attempted. Bibliography 1. Bussing-Burks, Marie. Alcohol and drug use increase suicidal behavior. The National Bureau of Economic Research. Retrieved from http://www. nber. org/digest/aug02/w8810. html 2. Suicide Among Person with Mental Illnesses. Religious tolerance. Retrieved from http://www. religioustolerance. org/sui_ment. html 3. Suicide and Mental Illness. Stop a Suicide. Retrieved from http://www. stopasuicide. org/suicide. aspx