Written response of current ethical issue

Ethical issue summary of Minnesota has been on a close look because of failure to observe ethical issues when it comes to observance of ethics when conducting research. The Research Ethics platform has terribly failed to consider the value of strict ethical observance with reference to the subjects used in clinical trials. With consideration that it is the second time, the university is at the verge of losing credibility and reputation in research work. The research at stake involved examination of three antipsychotic pills, receiving funding from AstraZeneca. The case raised issue and controversies when one of the subjects used inn research resorted to suicide. Probing of in-depth events surrounding his deaths reveals that the University failed to acknowledge contributing to his suicide, but attributed it to different factors (Silverman, np)
Who cares about the issue?
The issue is of great concern to both the public and research Department in Minnesota University. In essence, it raises many issues with reference to ethics and how the institution is dedicated and concerned about the subjects they use in research. Additionally, it does elicit concerns on how the Department of Human Research Protection conducts it activities, with close insistence of research ethics such as confidentiality, truthfulness, justice, veracity, beneficence and consent approval
What I would do if faced with such an issue
Being a member of the research body panel in the university, I would insist of detailed investigations with immediate effect. Concisely, failure to win the trust of the public remains at the verge of affecting future research works. If elements of ethical compromise are revealed from the investigations, the university should reveal and admit it all. Heavy compensation should be made to the victim families, and the report made public with full assurance on non-recurrence.
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