Womens health course work

2 October Answers Sex education should not be taught in public schools. Sex is too sensitive a topic to discuss openly in front of young boys and girls particularly when they are studying in a coeducational setup. Sex education could be an option in public schools which were meant solely for girls or boys, but allowing them in such schools and not in coeducational schools would create a difference in the educational curriculum being taught in the two types of schools which is again unfair. Children happen to learn about sex as they grow up anyway, and they also happen to become aware of the contraception and all methods that make sex safer in their own way. There is no need to announce such things on the stage. Agreed that people need to be made aware of the importance of making sex safer, but this purpose is being already served by the advertisements and social media.
In case of increased susceptibility of an individual towards sexually transmitted diseases because of the disease being present in the sex partner, contraception should be used. Same is the solution for preventing pregnancy. In case either of the sex partners has phobia because of rape, therapy may be required to help the individual develop a healthy mental and physical relationship with the sex partner.
In the modern society, people display homophobia by stereotyping the homosexuals and associating negative notions with them. Gays are made fun of in the media, literature and social media websites and being gay is interpreted as being shameless.