Women right in saudi arabia

Moreover, women have to wear ‘ Burka’ every time, they have no freedom to wear western dresses, they have to cover their head and face throughout the day to add to it they also do not have the freedom to be bare feet. On the contrary, Men of the Gulf countries enjoy various rights. Men have segregated women from society, especially in social parties and get-togethers where women are not allowed to attain any social gathering. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the rate of employment is very low in the case of women, because women of the Islamic family do not permit work outside the house. Gradually, this known scenario is changing and affecting the status of women, as they are now coming out and working in banks, and other governmental places. However, women are not allowed to converse with the opposite gender in the workplace. This aspect of women in Saudi Arab refers to the curbing of human rights and freedom of speech. Moreover, government heads of the Gulf countries generate work only for women, where people of the opposite genders do not allow to work. This action represents the practice of gender discrimination against women (Newman, 1999).
In the workplace, where people of both gender work at the same level, their women always face discrimination regarding different kinds of employment benefits, such as women employees get maternity benefits exclusive of child care policy, on the other hand, male employees get full coverage for their wife. Girls from Gulf countries do not get the chance for higher education whereas, in the present-day context women are more educated than men of Saudi Arabia. The government of Saudi Arabia in the education sector generates different rules, such as both candidates are not allowed to study in the same school, in the same way, male teachers do not have the permission to teach in the girls’ schools. Another social evil against women is child marriage, due to which the dropout rate from school is increasing in the Gulf countries (Hancock, 2011). In this context, with regards to feminism, it can be stated that the women are discriminated against and are not provided with social respect and rights that they deserve in the modern era.
The above issues come under the Women Protection Act and Women’s Rights. In the 21st century, these aforementioned Acts provide power to women to live freely and independently in society. However, women of contemporary society are independent, multi-talented, and in one hand manage personal as well as professional life skillfully. Therefore, it can be stated that women are powerful and strong being if provided an opportunity. In this context, in the modern era, women of Saudi Arabia are advancing their steps towards a bright future with social human rights and independence.