Why you should buy designer essay

Buying designer clothing brands should be supported because they don’t encourage cheap labor which leads to horrible irking conditions, the longevity of quality designer products doesn’t promote the negative environmental impact with cheap clothing, and lastly it makes you feel unique and boosts your self-confidence. The fashion industry produces hundreds of billions of dollars annually and millions of Jobs around the world, however, what percentage Is given to the workers for their essential service and at what risk are their lives.

Brands that create cheap and low costly clothing such as George & Joe Fresh, also create cheap labor Jobs with the rate of an estimated USES$ a month. Parenting corporations (Walter and Labials) hire these companies who strive to produce at low costs with the purpose of galling as much profit as possible, consequently, by doing so they induce conditions for their workers that are inhumane and life threatening. Rewinding back to the Joe Fresh and George brand factories collapsing in Bangladesh, a near total of 1500 garment workers, with women and children involved, lost their lives because of the faulty state the buildings had been in.

The safety of the facility is one of the main priorities when t comes to the working conditions of an employee but they already knew that. Popular designer brand names including Engineered Garments or Wings & Horns don’t support cheap labor and horrible working conditions partially because they advertise heavier price tags, and when considering those prices, the manufacturing becomes more costly, this then leads to honorable wages for the workers followed by proper working conditions.

Much like these well known companies and others of the same class, the quality is always remarkable. With that said, a well made garment can go a long way when speaking of the duration of time it can last and how much wear and tear it can go through. A particular aspect designer manufacturers aim to achieve is longevity with their products, and the only way a brand can attain this is by creating a piece with superior quality fabrics, design and construction. What if a brand has no intentions of producing long lasting clothing ? That’s where cheap clothing comes in.

They are somewhat cheap because of the poor quality they’re made of and this factor can lead o disposable clothing that can produce negative repercussions, for instance environmental Issues. Purchasing a t-shirt from Walter made by George or from Labials by Joe Fresh, typically would cost no more than $10. That shirt would generally lose its shape, color and overall quality instantly after its first wash, thus one. As human beings, we constantly search for ways to better ourselves, to make us feel more unique and different than everybody else, and that’s exactly what designer labels do.