Why should a woman be president? essay sample

Should a woman be president? I don’t think so. I hear all of the time “ women are equal to men”, and “ women are just as capable as men to lead our country”, and most of all, “ women should not stay home barefooted and pregnant”. The people that are saying these things are convincing women that they can become president. There are several reasons why a woman should never think about becoming president. Face it; we women bleed uterine lining out of certain places I don’t have to mention for almost a week every month. It goes back to the old saying, “ Stay away from anything that bleeds for five days, and doesn’t die”. Do you think the free world is going to wait for you to go to the bathroom and change your tampon? Do you think they will wait when you break down into a crying fit because your husband might tell you your hips are too big and you look bloated? What about when you are doubled over in pain with a heating pad and a fist full of Midol because your cramps are so outrageous and painful? Will the Presidential Cabinet put off the business of the free world for a whole week? I don’t think so. In my opinion, a female President could not possibly conduct themselves in a civilized manner while menstruating.

Women are just really more emotional than men. I’ve heard people say, “ It’s just a fact, women are more emotional than men”, and I couldn’t agree more. Whether you believe that a women’s temperament is put there by the Christian God or by the evolutionary process, women cry at the drop of a hat because that is how we are made. We don’t like it when our dog’s pee on the floor, or when our husbands or boyfriends don’t assume they should clean up after themselves, and we don’t like it when our back fat can be seen in pictures. If we don’t like things so much, we are much more likely to cry, claw ourselves, throw a fit, or sob for hours in public rather than considering reasonable solutions to the simple problems. Women do not like reason, it is our enemy. Therefore, a female President is more likely to burst into tears at a normal picture of a starving orphan or call the ambassador of Iran childish names than construct realistic foreign policy.

Take a look at other countries that have had women to lead their countries. For example, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, and Liberia; looking at these countries’ histories will tell you what will result in the United States if a woman is elected President. Germany, Australia, Indonesia, and Liberia have all had women lead their countries. These places suck. Liberia, maybe it was the dictator Charles Taylor that put the country into death throes, but it was Johnson-Sirleaf who took over the country when he was arrested, and Liberia has not gotten any better!! She is now working on eradicating the $3. 5 billion worth of debt but she hasn’t gotten rid of it. The female economist is absolutely incompetent because the country of Liberia didn’t turn into a political and economic power comparable to the U. S. over night. It is true that these countries have had men leaders for centuries before, but how dare these women not head down the other path away from destruction after they were inducted into office? It might have been previous policy and previous legislative constraints that hurt these ladies’ chance of reshaping their countries. No!! It was most assuredly the fact that they are unintelligent and the day they were to sign off on a radical policy that would improve their country in the time of one day, they were off to go to the spa, read the US Weekly, and gossip about Britney Spears.

Women were made to make babies, not policies. If women were capable of running countries, they would not have highly complex intricate networks of reproductive organs that con sustain human life. Why? We need protection! We need our male counterparts to protect our bodies that are so precious and fragile. We have babies and dinner to make! What about a woman president who gets pregnant during her Presidency? Think about it, we could have some pregnant president walking around the United Nations and then we’ll be the laughing stock of the international community. What world leader will take someone as ridiculous as a pregnant woman seriously when talking about the problems of overpopulation and AIDS epidemic in Africa? You’re right, NOT ONE!!! Besides, everyone knows how mothers are with their babies; all of the talk about babies would drive a man crazy. Could you see a pregnant woman president talking to the leader of another country in baby talk? We would be a laughing stock.

You may ask why you would even express your views on women becoming president. Of course women cannot lead countries, much more the free world. I feel this way because Hilary is trying to go beyond female constraints and take on the United States of America. What is worse, Hilary might just be the most disgusting female ever to walk the planet Earth. Of all of the Presidential candidates, Hilary got a measly one-percent in a poll that cited who the “ sexiest” candidates were for this year. This is a very strange ordeal, men love the female breasts, and even though Hilary has them and they are probably hanging way past her knees, she still has them. So, why is she thought to be the least attractive candidate? Women in powerful roles tend to push away their feminine roles. Moreover, make a fool of themselves for wanting to boss around their male counterparts. Sure, Bill may like the femine dominance behind closed doors, but the average American man would not put up with Hilary telling him when and when not to pull out (of Iraq).

Saudi Arabia may get 99% of things wrong, but they are right when it comes to one thing: a woman should know her place at all times. Look what happens when we ignore the examples of Sharia law (it is also stated in the Bible), we could get a woman in the Oval Office. Let’ fight against this absolutely ridiculous cause!!! We are not as strong as men, we are smaller then men and we should not want to have any role in the growth of the country unless it includes of course, raising our children, taking care of the house, and cooking dinner. God did not make women to be an authoritative figure. Not in the home, the church, or running countries. A lot of women these days believe that women can do all things that men can do. I don’t agree. God didn’t make us the same.

He made us very different. He made the man to be the head. Now, before everyone jumps down my throat, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a voice or an opinion. Women have a huge say on who gets to be president. Because we are allowed to vote, I think that we should use that voice and put a man in authority that we think best. I am not a woman basher. I just believe that women are simply not equipped with what it takes to be in top authority. I also know that a lot of women do run their houses and there are women preachers and there are other countries that have women presidents. It’s just not how it was meant to be. I think that God values what a woman can bring to this world that’s why He made us. Women are a huge part of a man’s world. We make the men what they are and they are to run the country for us.