Why i want to attend law school

The paper ” The Reason to Attend Law School” is an outstanding example of an application/admission essay on law. I am herewith applying to the _____________ School of Law as I have a keen interest in legal studies and an interest to provide legal assistance to the poor and disadvantaged people in the community. I was born into a family which believed that education is not crucial for the development of an individual and hence I took up an alternative career as a dancer. However, it was only after I faced a lot of hardships in life did I realize the importance of education and that it alone can help in the betterment of an individual. I then completed my schooling and learned some office skills before I decided to enroll in a law career. After I enrolled in the Department of Paralegal studies at Everest College in Dallas, my heart was set on becoming an attorney and to help people in hardship. I was eager to learn everything in all areas of law and also worked hard in my program. Even before I attended formal education, I had a strong desire to help the poor and the needy.
In my second year of college, I was offered an externship position in the law office of one of the adjunct professors whose primary areas were criminal defense and family law. When I took the externship, I learned that the office provided several pro bono legal services to the poor and during my tenure, I assisted my professor in preparing legal documents of his indigent clients in cases such as divorces and other marital issues, landlord/tenant disputes, child custody issues. I spent extensive hours reading the client case files, researching and writing briefs and preparing the cases for the court hearings.
It was also during this period I truly realized how crime and family issues affect the disadvantaged members of the society who constantly struggle to cope with such problems. The experience that I gained during this practice has inspired me to take up practice in criminal defense and family law after my graduation from law school. This would also simultaneously serve my goal of providing community service to the poor who are the most affected population of the society.
During my Associate Degree program in Paralegal Studies, I also realized that I am very adept at research and that I have a sound interest to study the reasoning behind case law. My teaching professors have been a constant source of inspiration to take up law as a profession and serve the community with earnest. I graduated from college with Summa Cum Laude and a GPA of 3. 98. After I obtained my Bachelor’s degree I took up a clerical position at the Law Offices of Fortinberry and Andrews, Texas wherein in prepared pleadings for court filings and case summaries. I also maintained regular contact with the court administrative on a daily basis. Later I took up a file clerk position at Alverson Taylor Mortensen and Sanders Law Firm (ATMs), Las Vegas where I researched and updated files for 10 attorneys along with pleadings and correspondence. This has helped me stay connected with the law environment before I could enroll in a law school. My family life and having a child has helped me to effectively manage my time for my work and career.
It has been a very challenging but promising journey in the field of law and I wish to pursue my studies further and become a competent and successful lawyer in the future. The deep interest that I have for law studies has made me apply to your law school as I believe that it would further develop my analytical, critical and interpersonal skills before I begin my law career.
Having hailed from a family in which education was not considered to be important, I have worked really hard to get to this position and I hope to learn more and gain a more sound experience as a lawyer. I want to be an attorney who would vigorously and selflessly defend clients. Giving me an opportunity to join your law school will help me realize this goal and also make me better prepared to serve the disadvantaged people and others who are in need. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to get accepted into your law school. I also assure that if given an opportunity I would work hard and deliver my best in academics and other related activities.