Why i choose my major

Topic: WHY I CHOOSE MY MAJOR The first bachelor I did was in management from the of Bahrain. The second degree will be in marketing from the Catholic university of America (CUA). The main reason of choosing the Catholic university of America is that it is from a different country. In addition, in CUA, there are different cultures from those in Bahrain and a different point of view. The mission, vision, and curriculum of CUA also contributed significantly to the choice of majoring in marketing.
The CUA mission focuses on the provision of proper organizational and economic leadership via utilization of theoretical knowledge and real life examples. The mission is inspired by the catholic principles of human dignity, solidarity, manifestation of the human freedom, and the common good. The vision of the organization is also based on the human dignity. The curriculum of the institution, which most motivated the choosing, requires students taking marketing to complete sixteen courses in addition to their business and economic courses (The Catholic university of America, pp. 1-4).
The course prepares students on how to research consumer needs and be able to develop products and services which satisfy those needs. The students are also prepared on means on how they can communicate the advantages of services and products via effective promotions that influence demand positively. Majoring in marketing will help boost the management course I did in Bahrain. In addition to this, it will enable acquiring of the best skills that are much needed in any successful organization. Having done management as the first degree, marketing as an additional course will help understand how the whole organization works from management to the juniors through marketing. In order to complete the course, one is required to take philosophy, theology, humanities, literature, writing, and composition. The other courses will very much contribute to the expansion of my career and field. Due to the additional courses offered by the organization as core units, they will assist in flexibility in the job market and management of the organization (The Catholic university of America, pp. 1-2).
Another point of consideration was the foundation of the university. As the institution is founded on catholic values, it will add upon the understanding of the religious values and teachings as well as diversification of the religious field. The culture of the institution and that of Americans will also help in understanding of the different ways of living by different people. These facts will help in the management of individuals in different organizations, as I clearly understand the different religions and cultures of different people from different backgrounds. In CUA students, majoring in marketing is also given the opportunity to choose from popular choices such as art, media studies, and modern languages. The modern languages will help in interacting with a large number of individuals hence increasing the efficiency of marketing and management (The Catholic university of America, pp. 2-5).
There are other many courses offered in CUA. The other courses do not offer as many opportunities as those offered in marketing. Taking marketing will also help in diversification of culture and languages unlike in other courses. Majoring in marketing will also boost the first degree in management as opposed to other courses, which is the primary reason I undertook the course (The Catholic university of America, pp. 1-12).
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