Why could be considered a turning point in lord of the flies

Filippo Denti! 07/04/2009 Explain why Chapter 4 could be considered a turning point inLord of the FliesChapter 4 can be considered a turning point in the book since it shows many different aspects of the book which weren’t covered yet. It starts showing the savageness of the children and the loss of civilisation and order. it also shows that with all this anarchy the children still have order in their souls whom they can not expel. the chapter also tells us how people ignore commands and follow a person just because they are afraid of him. Chapter one ? ts perfectly well in the beginning of the book.

The chapter gives us a clear vision of what has happened before the beginning of the book; the plane crash, the atomic bomb; the island and the war. It shows it when Ralph, then known as the boy with fair hair says that; “ This is an island. At least I think it’s an island. There is a reef out in the sea. Perhaps there aren’t any grownups anywhere. ” we ? nd out it’s a plane crash when Piggy says “ There was that pilot. But he wasn’t in the passenger tube, he was in the cabin in front”. As the book goes on Ralph and Piggy ? nd all of the other boys on the island and the choir, with its boss Jack.

Thanks to Ralph the children are united under a shell, the Conch, this precious shell is the symbol of legacy, order andrespect. The children join together thanks to the Conch, since Ralph blew in it and it made a very high sound which was heard by everybody. When all of the children were gathered a leader was elected and that http://listverse. com/wp-content/ leader was Ralph, partly because he was the biggest and partly uploads/ 2007/08/6a00d41432c15a685e because he was handsome. The most important event in these 00d41436fd406a47-500pi. jpg chapters, in my opinion, is the ? re. The ? e was created so that the ships and airplanes that passed could see the smoke and notice them. The idea of the ? re is great but you should never joke with ? re and the result of their ? re was that part of the island was burned and a poor child got killed. Out of this mess Piggy is showing up as being the most intelligent and intuitive of the group. Chapter four starts off with a description of Jack painting his face. This is very important because it shows the changement of Jack into a beast. He is painting his face to be scarier and, in his thinking to appear as a warrior. This comes from ! 1 Filippo Denti! 07/04/2009 ncient African tribes who used to paint their faces to scare the prey. This is a very important symbolical event, it starts showing the transformation of the boys, from civilised to savages. The intent of jack is to scare, scare like a savage the wild beasts, the new people of their new world, beasts who have no laws and do what they want when they want it. This is shown when Jack is convincing Bill to leave the ? re: “ The rest are making a line. Come on! ” “ But- -we-” “ Come on! I’ll creep up and stab-”. This is why the ? re went out while they were hunting. He is forcing people whom are following a set of rules to go savage and kill boars.

This is the movinginto the wild. Bill is afraid of what the others would think if he didn’t join, they would have thought that he was a person who was afraid of breaking the rules. This is bringing people into the wild. Jack paints his face showing that he is a warrior. A warrior is a person who isn’t afraid of dying and killing. A savage person, who utilises weapons to kill forfood. This is the job of the choir and of Jack. They tried to hunt before but with no success since Jack didn’t manage to kill the pig but he promised himself that the next time he will kill it. “ you didn’t kill. “ But I shall! Next time! I’ve got to get a barb on this spear! We wounded a pig and the spear fell out. If we could only make barbs-” Jack is accusing the spear for him not killing a pig but even if it had a barb he didn’t have the guts of killing it. No we see him all http://img101. imageshack. us/img101/8682/ painted in the face willing to kill and involving many lotf2xd6. jpg different people in the hunt, not only the warriors but also the ones of the ? re. This time Jack is willing to kill, “ I’ll creep up and stab” Roger and Maurice, in this chapter, have changed immensely, they, at ? st, destroyed the sand castles in the Littluns play area. Roger was ? rst and came marching in kicking the castles down while going to swim after ? nishing their ? re duty. Roger led the way destroying castles, burying ? owers and Maurice joined after; “ Roger and Maurice came out ofthe forest. They were relieved from the ? re and had come down for a swim. Roger led the way straight through the castles, kicking them over, burying the ? owers, scattering the chosen stones. Maurice followed, laughing, and then added to the destruction. ”. These two boys are taking advantage that they are bigger and start to bully the Littluns.

Roger, after destroying the castles, throws stones to Henry. He throws them without hitting him, as though there was a shield around him. This is because he is turning savage but at an extent, there is still a little piece of civilisation and humanity in their souls. This piece of humanity can not be expelled since it is engraved in their souls. Maurice went away because he had problems before and so he left Ralph; “… Maurice hurried away. In his other life Maurice had received chastisement for ? lling a younger eye with sand. ”. This shows that they haven’t quit with the old habits. ! 2 Filippo Denti! 7/04/2009 When Jack kills the pig the ? re goes out. The ? re is the symbol of hope and rescue, a rescue who could have been near with the ship’s sight. On the other hand the pig represents savageness and the wild. The fact that when the pig dyes the ? re goes out is that savageness covers hope. The children have become savages and went to kill the pig ignoring their only hope signal, the ? re. It’s like a peace ? ame which goes out when a war starts, these two things are opposite and can not cope with each other. The same is in the book, Mr. Golding wants to show that when savageness over? ws through people there is no more order, the order that ruled with Ralph. Ralph ordered that the ? re should never run out, but when Jack decided to go hunting every one went, becoming savages, pigs enemies. The only to be still obedient are Piggy, Simon, Maurice and Ralph, all the rest went hunting, ignoring the orders given. We can se the difference when the hunters come back chanting savage songs: “ Kill the pig. http://www. globalnerdy. com/wordpress/wpcontent/uploads/2008/10/lord_of_the_? ies. jpg Cut her throat. Spill her blood” and when Jack says laughing: “ There was lashings of blood, you should have seen it! . All of the hunters are laughing and singing while the others are still. Ralph continues to say: “ You let the ? re out. ”. Only at the end the hunters realise that they could have been rescued and jack apologises: “ I’m sorry about the ? re, I mean. There. I – I apologise. ”. Jack has restarted treating Piggy badly, but this time it’s not only the verbal but this time alsoviolence. He, at ? rst, hits Piggy in the stomach and then when he is lying on the ? oor he slaps him making his glasses ? y and break. “ He took a step, and able at last to hit someone, stuck ifs ? t into Piggy’s stomach Piggy sat down with a grunt. Jack stood over him. His voice was vicious with humiliation. ”. This shows that he was showing off what he could do, in fact Ralph repeatedly tells him: “ That was a dirty trick. ”. Simon is the only one who helps Piggy, he gets his glasses before anyone does something to them. He seems to have changed side, no more Jack Meridew but Ralph and Piggy. Although he seems so mite he continuously disappears into the forest to secret places: “ I painted my face- I stole up. Now you eat- all of you- and I-”. This creates a long silence while he goes in the forest.

At the end we see the children eating the meat half raw, this means that they now, not only act but eat as savages, with the food half cooked. This is typical of animals to eat raw ? esh, not of civilised children. The beginning shows the rhythms of the island, the dawn, the dusk, the cool moments and the way the children have adapted themselves. At the end it shows that the children have lost their civilisation. At the beginning we focus only on Jack and the scene is calm, at the end it’s a chaos between the pig and the ? re. Golding shows us the how sudden the changes are. As I red through the chapter I could ! 3 Filippo Denti!