Why cell phone is so popular essay sample

There are several reasons why nowadays cellphones are popular. Firstly, the advent of the cellphone, it greatly enhance the relationships between family members, relatives and friends. We can keep contact our friends, family members whenever and where I like. It is very convenient. For example, the time when I was in college, I always missed them a lot. Because my college is very far from my hometown, so I can’t back home often. Thanks to the cellphone, I could chat with my parents anytime I like. Before that I didn’t hold a cellphone, I had no choice but to wait in line in telephone booth. This did bring me lots of trouble. Under this circumstance, cellphone plays a vital role in my daily life in that it greatly improve our life quality. Secondly, cellphone is a kind of new way for us to entertain.

Although our daily life may be very busy, we still have some time to kill. For instance, when we are taking the bus, it is a very good idea to listen to the music, play the cellphone games or chat with our friends through cellphone. I can’t image the situation that if we don’t have cellphone since they are our imitate friends who accompanying us every day. What’s more, cellphones provide us with a new way to access knowledge. Nowadays, from young people to seniors, the most efficient and convenient way for us to keep informed of what is happing in the outside world is reading the news via cellphone. Compared to other media, like TV, newspaper, the news provided by the cellphone is quicker. Based on this point, cellphones enrich our brain and it make our daily life be productive.