Why american veterans should be honored

I think American veterans should be honored for several key reasons. The first and foremost reason is that these brave men and women risked ther lives for the freedom of the United States, or even for the freedom of a country half way around the world, which they knew nothing about. Either way these soilders fought for freedom, and each one should be honored one way or another. Another reason veterans should be commended is because we never want to repeat the time when Vietnam war veterans came back to the states. They were treated terribly. They were spit on, objects were thrown at them, they were denied of jobs by people who resented the war, etc. Yet another reason is that these people fight so the rest of us don’t have to. These people also keep the wars over seas, so us citizens can sleep safely at night. Also, some soilders see some really traumatizing things. Either seeing their buddies die right in front of them. Anyone who has seen Saving Private Ryan has a pretty good idea of what some soilders witness. As mentioned before, every single veteran should be honored, no matter how little or how much he or she has done. This means that the United States Marine Corp. Commandant should have the same honor as a Navy Engineer who has never seen a day of fighting. Here are a few ways that us Americans can honor those who serve our country. One way is to find a veteran in your community, and listen to their war time stories. You’ll never know if a great American hero lives in your neighborhood if you don’t ask. Another way, although less likely to happen nowadays, is if you ever see a homeless person with a sign saying that he or she was a veteran of some sort, go ahead and drop some loose change into their Spaghetti-O’s can. One last way is to just send a simple letter to a soilder currently in Iraq or Afghanistan, to get the spirits up. And that is why I think American Veterans should be honored. No matter if they fought in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, or even the current War on Terror, these soilders deserve the respect of each and every American citizen.