What is the theme of pride and prejudice assignment

The story Pride and Prejudice is about Elizabeth Bennet ??? the protagonist- her four sisters, her mother and her father live in England in Harfordshire. Mr. Bingley a handsome, rich young man goes and visits where the Bennet’ s live and Mrs. Bennet tries to get one of her daughters married as soon as she sees the opportunity. Mrs. Bennet missing no time gets Jane Bennet (Elizabeth’s sister) to counter with Mr. Bingley- who she later marries- and falls in love but, Mr.

Darcy separates them because of the social class that Jane is from and does not want his friend to go through such a bad match. With Mr. Binley, being in town Mr. Darcy, his close friend that is in town also but Mr. Darcy is very proud and reserved and had no attraction to Elizabeth; Elizabeth loathed him for being full of pride and for feeling to good for the people that well lower class then him. Gradually after time this had changed and Darcy had found out that he loved Elizabeth no matter what was her social class, which was the reason that he had restricted his affection towards her.

The themes in the story would consist of class, love, and reputation. Everything had their own flaws even if you were not good looking to if you had a bad family reputation to being from a lower social class. Love was the main component of the book and appeared in its own mysterious ways and shocked us how we would have never guessed that Darcy was bewitched with Elizabeth and never showed his true feelings toward her because of his social class and reputation.

The reason Pride and Prejudice is still relevant today is because the themes of the story are still very relevant to today’s society. The novel talks about true love, and how sometimes it is necessary to go against what society says is “ right” or “ wrong. ” Elizabeth and Darcy defy so much of society’s standards throughout the book-they both come from different families, have different social and economic rankings. It also shows that first impressions are not always correct.