What does time management means to me? essay

To me, time management means being able to manage your daily activities in a manner that make the most effective use of your time.

In order for time management to work you need to a have a plan. When you don’t plan ahead, daily interruptions can cause your plans to get push aside and lead to unnecessary stress. A major problem in my day-to-day life I would like to solve is better time management. Basically, I manage my time by taking care of issues as they come up. Currently, I have a general understanding of mandatory tasks that I need to complete i. e. suspense due at work or doctor’s appointment, but I don’t have a standard system to keep me on track for the completing my additional tasks. I need to develop a strategy for creating a time management plan.

This plan will be used to help prioritize my tasks. When listing my daily activities I need to also include my work tasks, family activities, and social activities. Since my listing will include my family activities, I will need to include them in helping to prioritizing my tasks. I will use Microsoft Outlook to document all of our appointments and work related tasking because Microsoft Outlook has a reminder features.

By using Microsoft Outlook, I can also sync it with my IPhone. The criteria for prioritizing my task will be based on how important the task is, the actual due date for completing the task, and whom I need to consult with to help complete the task. When prioritizing my task, I have to be realistic with the completion date and keep in mind that every unscheduled event could delay completing the task.

After prioritizing my list, I’ll annotate the tasking on my Microsoft Outlook calendar and sync the calendar with my iPhone. I need to make sure I include my daily activities to ensure there are no conflicting appointments and I need to check with my family’s plans to make sure no one made any additional plans for my time without my knowledge. I will plan for the unexpected by scheduling time at the end of each day to review what was I have actually accomplished and adjust the schedule as needed. After documenting the tasking on my calendar, I’ll print out a weekly calendar and post it on the refrigerator so all can see. As things come up, I will annotate pen and pencil changes on the printed out calendar.

At the end of each week, I will review the following week appointments with my family and posted an updated calendar. Time management is essential in everyone’s lives because of our hectic schedules which include family, work, and school. As you can see, I have an understanding of how to use and develop a time management strategy. The most important step in developed a plan of action and implement it. The implementation of my plan will give my family and I more time to concentrate on things we really enjoy.