Well-Designed Ad as the Way to Attract Clients

Advertisement is one of the old and powerful tools that are used by businesspeople of all times to attract clients’ attention to goods or services they offer and guarantee their advantage over rivals. Today, it is one of the fundamental forces of the business world used by companies to promote their offerings. The importance of advertisements is evidenced by the fact that their creation is a science that considers the peculiarities of a target audience, their demand, and features that might attract them. A well-designed ad can guarantee the success of a product and help a brand evolve. For this reason, it is vital to understand how they work by analyzing one of the current advertisements.

The advertisement chosen for the analysis is found in the magazine People, November 30, 2020. It is surrounded by some other advertisements focusing on cosmetics and high-quality products that can be attractive to clients. The ad is devoted to the famous franchise Starbucks and its coffee. The brand is rather popular in different countries across the globe, which means it does not demand some additional efforts to recognize it or to understand what is the central purpose of the ad. Another reason for selecting this ad for the analysis is the popularity of the product and the broad target audience attracted by the demonstrated item. That is why it is taken for the research.

Picture 1. Advertisement (“Partial to Peppermint”)

The advertisement attracts the viewer’s attention at a first glaze because of the colors and shapes. The red square servers as the background for the whole ad. There is also a smaller mint-colored square with a cup of coffee in the middle. It is decorated with ornaments with similar colors, including additional dark-green and black ones. There are also some colored dots over the ad and two logos of the brand that are placed closer to the upper left and lower right corners. The is almost no text in the app as there is only a description of the drink, the title of the brand, and two rhymed lines asking people to download the application distributed by Starbucks for free. In general, the advertisement is made in a minimalistic style with a minimum of complex details, colors, and unnecessary objects.

However, the adherence to the given scheme and the use of colors can be explained by several aspects. First of all, the red color is a traditionally potent tool to attract the attention of viewers. That is why looking through the magazine, a reader stops his/her eye on this ad. Moreover, the red color frames a square of green one, making a frame with the coffee in the middle, which also helps to interest a viewer and represent a special beverage. Second, the brand correctly realizes the existing moods and uses Christmas motifs to popularize its products. The green and red colors are traditionally associated with this holiday, making it attractive on a subconscious level and triggering the buyers’ desire to buy it to feel Christmas. Finally, the decoration of the cup also helps to employ the concept of Christmas. There are ornaments with trees, snowflakes, and crowns, which are a part of Starbucks ‘ logo to guarantee that the potential client will be attracted.

Analyzing the ad, it should be said that the given choice of colors and shapes also helps to diversify the target audience. The brand focuses on sales among men and women aged 25-44, which means that clients’ visions of a perfect form and color can differ. However, the choice of the basic colors along with the motifs of a holiday helps to find a compromising solution that will be appreciated for all groups regardless of their age, gender, or social status. The slogan “Carry the Merry” can also be attractive to all representatives of the cohort. In such a way, the advertisement helps to understand the peculiarities of the target audience, and, at the same time, the poster affects it by combining the elements of style and Christmas Motifs.

The advertisement has a central message presupposing that a customer should be the product because of several qualities it has, and there are several ways to convey it. First of all, the slogan on the cup, “Carry the Merry,” states that by buying this coffee, a person will enjoy positive feelings. These can be linked to its high quality, outstanding taste, holiday spirit, and sense of belonging to a unique community benefiting from Starbucks’ products. The brand has a certain image in the world and can be viewed as a privileged choice, for this reason, the slogan and the attractive product in the middle of the ad can be considered the way to convey the message. Moreover, another saying, “Festive is a tap away, download the app today,” inspires customers to experience the product and share their feelings using the application and joining the community.

In such a way, the central purpose of the given ad is to attract the attention of clients to the product offered by Starbucks and make them buy it. It is supported by the claim that coffee is linked to the holiday spirit and can help people to feel better during these complicated times. The bright colors, slogans, and the way the ad is organized support this claim and increase the effectiveness of the advertisement that is created by the brand. At the same time, the simplicity of the poster, the absence of too many details, and the classic ornaments show the brand’s confidence in its recognizable image and the existence of loyal clients who will buy coffee. That is why there is another purpose of the ad, which is to remind people that they can enjoy a new Christmas menu designed especially for them to feel the taste of the holiday and have a good time when drinking beverages offered by Starbucks.

Altogether, it is possible to conclude that the presented app is highly effective in promoting a good and brand. The colors and shapes influence the target audience and remind them of the opportunity to have a cup of high-quality coffee during cold winter times. Moreover, the slogans and the brand’s logos are appropriately placed and do not prevent readers from acquiring the necessary information about the promoted product. The given advertisement perfectly shows the importance of this tool in the modern world and how it can be used to attract the attention of the audience and trigger the desire to buy a particular product. It uses different visual appeals that empower the claim and help to convey the message. This well-designed poster will help to attract new clients and generate benefits during the Christmas holidays.

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