Values in “The Web of Life” Article by Wilber

Conditions under which people have to live change considerably from time to time, and people have to be attentive indeed in order to understand what is required and what is integral in this life. Plotinus philosophy used by Ken Wilber proves the idea that the world cannot stop grounding in a movement that cannot be measured by some time or space frames (Wilber 2001) and various holarchies that are spread over the whole world make people dependent on their personal weaknesses and uncertainties. This is why a number of values that are inherent to people are usually based on some external and internal drivers which promote dependency.

I think that the idea to touch upon three absolutely different domains which are mind, matter, and life is a powerful step to be taken to understand how values may be formed. A person is not always as powerful as he may seem to be. There are a number of values that play a significant role in life; they are family, health, loyalty, friendship, or community, and all of them are based on internal factors like personal attitude to life and duties, control of emotions, etc. and a number of external factors like financial backgrounds, economics, or even weather. Each value has its own functions and promotes the development of a person. People have the right to promote innovations, improve their living conditions, and create art varieties that fulfill this life; but still, they have to remember and appreciate the values which cannot be neglected and which help them to survive. It is not always easy to understand how not to make a mistake, still, it is very important to define several values of life which are worth recognition: human health, the importance of family, and dignity that provides a person with the necessary sense of life.

I took a lot from the lesson provided and realized that even taking into consideration all innovations, opportunities, and challenges, a person should never forget family and its unbelievable role in life and do believe that there are still many external and internal drivers which may influence the development of the events.


Wilber, K. (2001). The Web of Life. Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution. Boston: Shambhala.