Typography course work

David Carson continues to be one of the renowned typographic designers in the world. One notable example that Carson contributed to, greatly is the typographic contribution to the portrait of Natalie Portman, who is the lead in the film ‘ Little White Lies.’ In this work, Carson used a vivid typographic style of applying a black foil over the whole drawing. His style, which to many seems to have been destructive, concentrated on featuring a unique design at the bottom of the work. Carson’s treatment of the lower background of the work further creates an interesting piece, which catches every viewer’s eye. Since the contribution of Carson on this work, Geoff McFetridge, last year displayed this work in a magazine rack and it created a totally different sensation from the viewers. With the success of this work, Carson has been considered a father of typography, who has changed the face of graphic design, has been the most influential typographer in expressive forms of work and has considerably influenced every generation to develop a passion in typography.

Typography is a very interesting and creative to handle. A typographer will use his creative and at times magical skills to come up with a piece of work. Often the work is made intentionally to bring out a given picture of a person or business. I have been identified by the work of typographer because they are able to inspire one into using their imaginative and creative skills. I have been inspired by Carson’s work, especially the rich creative reviews of the magazines of the 90’s and how horrible he described the work. I am also inspired by the work of Carson because it defines a very important era of art. It therefore places the work of artists in a situation that is recognized by many.


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