Transformers is a popular movie that makes you think about how technology and robots could one day overrule or over power humans and take over earth. The image that I have chosen is a movie poster of the movie transformers which has two robots face to face that have human like features or the same build that are both at war with eachother. The poster is also trying to explain the story of how both robots are from another planet by placing them above earth looking down on humans.

The idea of robots, technology and war is shown through colour and body language. The theme I am discussing is the future with robots over ruling. In the poster they are using robots to symbolise robotics and machines which seems to make it futuristic because nowadays we tend to have a lot of technology at hand to help us with our daily lives. The theme of the future quite often appears in cartoons, books, radio etc. The idea of robots or machines taking over is shown through symbols such as the colour of the evil robots eyes show and describing fear.

The theme is war shown through colours which means how the war is represented between both robots by the colour they are an example of this visual technique used in the poster is how they used blue and red on the good robot for contrast and made the bad robots eyes an evil bright orange light and his body coloured a dull grey and black. The example shows the idea or theme by making 2 sides using colour. A fear of machines taking over from humans is shown in the poster by making the transformers/robots have an almost human like face for example they put the nose on a robot were a nose on a human would go and the same with eyes and mouth.

The robots are made with human like features just makes it more scary if they were to decide to turn on us because they could over power us at any time. The example shows the idea by making robots stronger, faster and simply better than humans the robots could do our jobs much quicker without getting tired or hungry which then leads to robots taking our jobs and making us poor. The visual component of robots looking like humans and being stronger faster than us is terribly scary almost like having an unstoppable bully.

Technology is a theme that is normally in household items and war is a theme that can be between almost everyone and everything but thinking that household items could one day turn into robots that talk, move and walk and they could turn on us and start a war that is easily won by robots. These themes are communicated through colours, war, technology and power in the movie poster and the most powerful and thrilling image is how the robot is almost human like. I think the movie poster represents how both robots have human like features and that we can create something that can over power, over rule and destroy us is frightening.