Transfer to the university of denver

Transfer to the University of Denver
The best way of understanding another culture is to experience it. After graduating from high school, I longed to join a university with diverse cultures and individuals. Through a lot of research and consultation, I decided to join the University of Colorado at Boulder. I was obsessed with obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. While I was in high school, almost everybody around me, including my teachers, friends and relatives, praised chemical engineering, saying that it is the best career choice of this era. They gave the course praises of how people, who graduate from it, are paid well. When in high school, all a teenager could think about is going to the university and doing a course which would eventually get him or her to the level of Bill Gates. However, this was not the case with me since I realized that reaching such a level included not only reading books, but also determination and passion in what one does.
After some soul searching and consultation, I was introduced to the University of Denver, in Colorado. I must say that I was stunned to know that such an institution exists. As I mentioned earlier, I longed for a place where I could live with individuals from diverse cultures, and there was not better place than Denver University. Such an institution helps people understand others and promotes working together in society to achieve desired goals. The best part about the institution for me is that it offers Mechanical Engineering, which is a much better choice than Chemical Engineering. Mechanical engineers are more practical than chemical engineers. I noticed this while studying at the University of Colorado. Even though my GPA is lower than the required GPA standard in University of Denver, the institution looks like a place which can motivate a person to learn and become successful academically.
I have a mother who used to work extremely hard to keep me in school, but after she got diagnosed with breast cancer, every funding we had, went to her medical cover. My mother was the bread winner of the family, and after the diagnosis, she could not manage to keep her job. Her salary was not that much, and the best thing I can think of doing is joining an institution, which can help me attain academic prosperity so that I can look after my mother. We have managed to find a willing sponsor who wants to fund me in school. I consider that the best thing I can do is to excel academically, and there is no better place of doing this than at the University of Denver. I admire the university’s principle of equal opportunity to all, and I think, if given a chance to join the institution, I would work extremely hard to be successful. I consider the university’s beliefs to be highly motivating factors, which can help me work hard and attain academic success. Therefore, I humbly request the administration of the University of Denver to consider my application to join this highly reputable institution.