Training and development 6

Introduction What is a Protean Career? A protean career can basically be defined as a career which breaks away from the normal tradition of a career being solely driven by the company or organization to a modern notion where the career is now driven by the person. A protean career is also characterized by its ability to constantly reinvent itself as both the current environment and the person continue to change (Kakabadse et al 49).
How the emerging trend of protean Careers will affect my Personal Career Development
As the emerging trend of protean careers continues to take root, it is becoming quite imperative for individuals to assume full responsibility for the total management and control of their careers as well as their livelihoods (Kakabadse et al 49).
With this in mind, this trend will affect my personal career development as I would have to take several measures to promote my own career development. Some of these steps would include, I would need to develop several sources of income to supplement my main income. I would also need to attend career improvement and development conferences, seminars, workshops and symposiums to ensure that I am always abreast with the current developments in my chosen career and hence always remain ahead of most competitors.
In an attempt to be able to be favorably placed in the event that new opportunities happen to arise, I would need to ensure that I diversify the range and breath of my experience by ensuring that I always engage in new projects when given the chance to do so (Kakabadse et al 50).
As the protean career trend continues to develop, job security is fast becoming a thing of the past and I would need to ensure that I extensively network with other professionals in an attempt to ensure that I am always kept in the loop on the events taking place in my industry. Networking will also potentially provide new employment opportunities.
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