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The purpose of housekeeping services is to ensure that guests check in into a clean hotel/motel atmosphere. It is a systematic clean up process that must be implemented throughout the hotel including rooms, health and leisure facilities, conference and banquet facilities and restaurants/bars with attention to detail forming part of the process (Anita Banerjee, B. K Chartavarto, 2007).

Housekeeping duties have a very broad scope since attention to detail is crucial. Following are the main duties that should be undertaken by the executive housekeeper (Casado, M. A, 2000):·         Ensuring that all facilities within the hotel are clean including rooms, meeting rooms and banquet halls etc.·         Ensuring that all the facilities within the hotel are equipped with the essential accessories for e. g. toiletries in the rooms, communication devices in the meeting rooms etc.

·         The hiring and firing of housekeeping staff. Hiring is undertaken through extensive screening and can also recommend promotions, dismissals and transfers.·         The training of housekeeping staff through orientation and in-service training procedures. Help explain policies, rules and various work procedures.·         Ordering supplies of inventories to ensure adequacy.·         Maintaining a budget through forecasting and report keeping.·         Direct and lead a diverse staff for e. g.

maid service and repairs.·         Operating technical equipment for data control, processing and monitoring for e. g. inventories and closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV).·         Coordinating activities across departments and assigning tasks and responsibilities to housekeeping staff and monitoring them at all times to ensure that cleanliness standards are met.·         Investigating complaints regarding housekeeping services and taking corrective action. The structure of the housekeeping department would include off course the housekeeping supervisor at the highest level called the Executive Housekeeper.

The next level would include the Assistant Executive Housekeeper to help coordinate the instructions of the Executive Housekeeper to staff. Then, the next level will include a pool of Supervisors for each of the departments such as rooms, laundry, banquet halls, meeting rooms, restaurants and bars, health facilities etc. Each supervisor will be responsible for his/her own department and would report directly to the Assistant Executive or Executive Housekeeper. At the lowest level will be the attending staffs who are reporting to the Supervisors (Hayter, R, 1997). ANSWER 2HoneymoonersHoneymooners would require a tranquil setting in the room, a beautiful view from the room, Jacuzzi or hot tub, the provision of wedding gifts for the couple in the room for e. g. chocolates, candles etc; rose petals on the bed, champagne, spa treatment for couples and honeymoon packages including accommodation, rental car and air. Retired CouplesFor retired couples the hotel can provide spa treatments, exclusive healthcare facilities, a reclining chair placed in the room, knitting accessories, medical assistance in when needed, comfortable chairs and bed, easily operational equipment etc.

Disabled CustomersDisabled customers would require assistance at most times, the provision of a nurse or caretaker would be good, wheelchairs, portable hearing loops etc. Moreover, the rooms for disabled people should be spacious with less furniture so that there are few obstructions for customers. Moreover, passages and corridors should also be wide enough. FamiliesFamilies are mostly concerned with the entertainment of children. Provisions which can be made to ensure this include baby proof rooms, discounts for children, day care facilities, and caretaker facilities, TV channels for children and videogames and toys in the room to keep children busy. Business TravelersBusiness travelers can be attracted using the following services. High speed, wireless internet access in the room and other parts of the hotel, spacious desks for work, flat screen televisions, 24-hour business and fitness centers, satellite radio and alarm clocks.

Women Business TravelersThe hotel can provide various services catering to women including special magazines, a vanity kit, nail filers, hair dryers, flat irons, yoga mats, curling irons, bath sponge and make-up mirrors to name a few (Wayne W. Smith, Barbara A. Carmichael, 2007). ANSWER 3There are numerous strategies that might be used by the hotel to investigate the needs and wants of customers. The following are a few strategies that might be adopted by Turner Hotel (Jay Kandampully, Dwi Suhartanto, 2003):·         Letters of Complaints and Suggestions placed in the room: Provide direct insight to the customer needs and wants/complaints and suggestions. The problem is that most go unanswered.

·         Focus Groups: Are in depth information platforms but are costly and difficult to arrange and carry out.·         Formal Market Surveys: This strategy is also very informative but yet again, it is costly and requires lots time and money.·         Contacting the Customers: Contacting customers after their stay to enquire regarding their experience, problems and suggestions. ANSWER 4Security risks for the Turner Hotel (Gerald Shortt, Hein Ruyes, 1994):·         Fire property damage·         Embezzlements by employees·         Criminal acts by employees or even guests·         Theft and robbery·         Accidents and medical emergencies·         IT related risks such as system hacking and infiltration·         Terrorist attacks·         Natural disasters – Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes·         Financial Risks for e. g.

credit card fraud and money laundering.·         Identity theftThere are numerous other threats and threats within each of these categories.  Overcoming these security threats are a key issue for hotels. Various ways of overcoming these security risks include fire protection i. e. fire hoses and fire alarms, employee monitoring through CCTV cameras, security and intruder alarms, vaults for safety of guests’ valuables, provision of medical aid, software to secure IT infrastructure, enhanced security at hotel entrance, protection against natural disasters such as strong exterior etc. ANSWER 5Various methods used in eliminating soil entrance into the building in the form of dust, radon etc are a threat to the health of guests and employees both.

At the food and beverage department it is crucial that the entrance of soil be eliminated because the dust mites and radon itself is known to cause severe health problems including cancer. The following are the ways to reduce or eliminate the entry of soil into the building:·         Remove carpets and rugs from the area since soil particles settle into them.·         Regular cleaning and vacuuming·         Replace air filters regularly to keep the air clean and soil free·         Cleaning kitchen surfaces using a damp cloth·         Installation of efficient filters in the furnace·         Don’t let humidity levels cross 55 percent·         The use of air purifiers ANSWER 6The responsibilities of employers and employees under the Health and Safety Act at Work (1974):·         The provision of processes and systems that are safe and healthy·         Ensuring that risk is eliminated while the service process is underway·         Provision of safety instructions, manuals, training and supervision·         To take steps towards personal as well as guests’ health and safety·         Ensuring all equipment and machinery is safe to use·         Provision of adequate first aid facilities·         Ensure that warning signs are placed as and when needed·         Report health and safety related incidents to concerned individuals(R. Thomas George, Murat Hancer, 2008).

ANSWER 7Various reasons can exist for the damage to linens; misuse of linens by guests, mishandling and poor storage facility for linen, splinters and nails also damage linen and damp linen left on its own is also a cause. Steps taken to control this damage and loss of linen include firstly an inventory count so that a record can be maintained. Other steps include the appropriate treatment of stains before they spoil the linen, check linen baskets and trolleys for nails and splinters, torn linen must be replaced immediately and stop guests and employees from misusing the linen (Hayes, D. K. and Ninemeier, J.

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