Touching the void argumentative essay

Simon had to make a courageous excision, cut the rope and save himself, or stay tied to Joe and both of them be pulled to their deaths. Some say Simon made the wrong decision by cutting the rope, but when in a life or death situation, makes cutting the rope the only option.

Cutting the rope is a huge rule in the climbing community and Simon was given a lot of grief when returning from Mount Saul Grandee for cutting the rope. Simon was in a life or death situation, and thought that on the end of that rope was a dead, lifeless body; he seriously believed that Joe was dead. Making that traumatic decision to cut the rope, Simon was wrought a lot of emotions and was well aware of the consequences. He could either have them both fall to their death or have one get out alive.

Simony’s decision was the right one to make, not only because they both got out alive but because it was valid, he believed Joe was dead. One is better than none! When in a life or death situation, first instincts is the way to go. Simon expressed in the Touching the Void documentary that he believed Joe was dead and if he were to cut the rope there was still a chance of him surviving. Cutting the rope was clearly the best decision to make because if Simon didn’t UT the rope he would have fallen to his death and there was no chance of Simon or Joe to survive. Simon believed that if he were to cut the rope he could climb back down the mountain and get help to possibly save Joe. This meant there was still a chance of them both surviving. Adrenaline is trustworthy, as well as life or death situation instincts, Simon had faith in his decisions and so should everyone else.

Simon believed that Joe was dead, even if he weren’t Simon knew that Joe had a broken leg, and if he left more time to let him climb up the rope, he would have had to help him down the mountain anyway. Selfish, yes, but there is no such thing as selfishness when you’re in a life or death situation. Simon cutting the rope conquered his uncertainty of Joe being alive or not. Lucky for them both they both survived this traumatic disaster, which again expresses cutting the rope was the right choice to settle with.

Cutting the rope was the right decision to make and fully support Simony’s courageous decision as though were in the situation myself I’d have followed the same decisions, because your own life is the most beautiful thing you could ever have and if you had any chance of living another day of it, you most certainly would, wouldn’t you?