Torquato tasso

The paper ” Torquato Tasso” is a great example of a literature assignment. All the sites provided valuable information about the author, Torquato Tasso.  The sites provided great information on how the author achieved elite status in literature within his short span of life. The video presented on Youtube showed the scope of the composition and the talent shown by the author. It had the depth to be provided as a basis for so many variations for it. The sites also presented the information of how great writers like Shakespeare, John Milton etc., were all inspired by the author’s renditions and how he is still considered to be a role model for many. Finally, all the sites provided great insight into the history of European literature.
How was the following story relevant to our society, please discuss the themes and issues in the work as well as the author’s writing style and worldview.
The story, ‘ The Man with the flower in his mouth’ is a very emotional and touching story effortlessly executed by the author. On the question of what the story holds for the society, a critical analysis becomes a mandate to answer. The term ‘ Life’ has been explored and extrapolated by innumerable researchers and analysts. The story tries to inform the same in its own, simple and mellifluous way. The entire is made as a conversational one where the protagonist converses with the businessman. The plot is written in such a way. It tries to look at life in both ways – either hate it or love it. He explores all the minute things to ascertain the fact that life is about all such happiness. It is indeed a powerful and strong message given to society. Love others, love all may be the message of historians, but living every beautiful thing that The Almighty has given to us is something that everyone should enjoy it. It’s about simple things, the caring the relationships show to others. On the whole, the man and the author convince the readers, no matter how long one lives in this world, unless one loves the things one sees, there is no meaning added to that person’s life.