Topic: should we all study a second language?

Topic: Should we all study a second language? A second language is more important because of life’s demand. Many people agree that a second language is useful many ways in their life. However, others argue that they do not need to study a different language because they are not interested in going other countries and wast time to study language. This essay examines that we should study another language for communication and job’s demand. First, a second language allows people good at communication in their country. Some cases, regions have to use a second language to talk with foreigners. For example, in commerce, people use English or other languages to talk with foreign visitors, it is easier to trafer their meaning and asmostphere is closer because they understand each other. In another case, foreigners ask the native people direction, so they use a second language to direct tourists the way. Therefore, a second language makes people feel more convinence in communication. Furthermore, a second language is useful when people go outside in their country. International language helps people avoid some communication problems, such as asking for direction, shooping and other important thing when traveling. For example, some Chinese, Korean and Japanese who do not know English because they think it no need to study so they have been difficult to communicate with regions, so that they have to spend a long time to understand and explain their meaning each other. Thus, a second language allows visitors easier when travelling. In addition, there are more and more companies demand languages. So that people have more chances to be applied the high job’s conditions. In the global companies, staffs who can speak other languages will be delegated for a business trip in foreign countries, so they know the different culture in other countries. Thus, people will increase knowledge and expand their looking. For reasons related to communication and job’s requirement, a second language is more and more important. It improves better the international relationships. Finally, people should study a second language because it is useful in life.