Timothy patterson

Timothy Patterson English 101-011 Professor Benjamin THE GOOD LIFE In life, many have ideas about what is considered to be the “ good life”. At times, this is considered to be a high standard that many put on themselves and others and may be considered as failure if that status isn’t reached in one’s lifetime. Three things I believe make up the good life are a personal relationship with the Almighty God, a happy family and financial security. These three things would give me the life I’m looking for. I believe that a personal relationship with the Almighty God, regardless of religion, will give the individual quality of life, hope and happiness. This will help people have more of an understanding, as well as a more positive outlook on life. When you aren’t in touch spiritually, in a world that carries much disappointment, hurt, grief and worry, it can be easy to be pessimistic about your journey through life. Going to church, getting the good word preached to you and prayer can play a very important part in a positive outlook on life. Spirituality gives your life direction and meaning. A happy family is a healthy, loving and nourishing family. Having support of each other during good and bad times, educating family members and preparing the family for what goes on outside the doors of your home is very important because it relieves stress. Less stress means better health. Loving your family and teaching them how to love others brings and keeps happiness inside the home. No support, education or love in a family leads to a dysfunctional household. This can divide family members when one has a crisis and keeps it to himself. Making it worse, other family members won’t know because they don’t know what to look for. Keeping family close by eating meals and going on trips together makes a great, loving family, which is part of the good life. No money causes many problems. Financial security plays a big part in the good life. Being able to pay your bills, buy a house or car, go on vacations and trips, keep food on your table, celebrate events and holidays, and saving for rainy days is comfortable living. Wealth is not necessary. As long as you can live comfortably with no monetary problems, you can be happy living your life. Being broke causes worry, grief and bad decisions. Being financially stable is a big step towards the good life. Many people look at the good life as being wealthy, having celebrity status, many women, many houses, many cars and businesses. While these people may believe that a certain status gives you the good life, I do not. As long as I have a personal relationship with the Almighty God, a happy family and financial stability, I will be more than content with myself and all that is around me. That is my recipe for the good life.