Tight descriptive essay

Tight            “ Tight,” a pretty easily defined word denotatively, is a word that has more recently made its way into the everyday vocabulary of many slang users.  The word means that something is exciting, unique, popular, or extraordinary in its connotative usage.

For example, a boy might say to his friends, “ Your bike is tight”.  He does not mean that the bike does not handle well or that the handlebars need loosened.  “ Tight” literally means that something is not easily moved or that something is confined.

Recently, I bought a pair of jeans that barely fit; they were just a little too tight on me. The buttons snapped and the zipper zipped, but I had to hold my breath in order to get them on and when I let it out, I was a bit uncomfortable.  Over the top of the belt loops, ever so slightly, hung a little bit of flesh.  The seams in the thighs hugged my thighs almost as closely as another skin.  These jeans even fit down to the ankles.  I decided that I would buy them because they were going to be my motivation for losing a few pounds, a “ tight” feat for me.  Shedding a few pounds is something healthy, and not something that I would normally do.

My friends and family are supportive, and they think that it’s tight that I’m doing something for myself.  Hopefully, these tight jeans will help me reach my tight goal, and everything will be tight.