Thinking errors found and fixed

The Franklin Reality Model is a modeling technique that works to restructure thinging errors by way of cognitive thinking. Process is a step by step process where as you have a decision to make and you are given a few decisions, you make the one that you think will work, for whatever reason. Step two of this process is deciphering what effects come about from that decision, effectively you will begin to see a ripple effect based upon your choice.

This ripple effect can be positive or negative, once again depending upon your choice but the technique gets one to thinking about the simple effects of what seems to be a simple solution until they learn to start thinking ahead about their actions before they act. To live, to love and be loved, to feel important, and variety are the basic components of this model. There are also seven natural laws within this model and they are 1. If the results of your behavior do not meet your needs, there is an incorrect principle on your belief window.

2) Results take time to measure. 3) Growth is the process of changing principles on your belief window. 4) If your self-worth is dependent on anything external, you are in big trouble. 5) Addictive behavior is the result of deep and unmet needs (of the four human needs mentioned above). 6) The mind will naturally seek harmony when presented with two opposing principles. 7) When the results of your behavior do meet your needs you experience inner peace. (Franklin Reality Model)

In this model we place principles upon our beliefs. For exampleSaving moneyis a waste because I’m going to spend it anyway is a belief on a principle. With this thought then you can be assured that you won’t save anymoneyand there will come a time when a repair on a vehicle is needed, or you lose a job and have no money to pay your bills; when this happens then what? This model has been effectively used and has effectively altered people’s way of thinking.

Those with behaviorial issues to those with addiction issues have benefitted from this and the developers of this program use it with a high rate of recidivism within the prison systems. This gets to the root of an issue, of a bad thought pattern, how can one ignore this and at least not try. It is an eye opener exercise for everyone. References FRANKLIN REALITY MODEL. AS COGNITIVE RESTRUCTURING. 1986. http://www. gwcinc. com/C_Reddick/FranklinRealityModelAsCognitiveRestructuring. htm