Things i did not learn in the university report example

We all face challenges in every work we do. It is essential to perform effectively and efficiently in all the fields and domains. Everyone tries to perform their duties as per the standards; some may over commit and under deliver, or some may under commit and over deliver subject to how seriously they take up a task. Working on the same tasks everyday may become monotonous and every organization demands and appreciates people who can think out of the box that can be prove to be an advantage for the organization and also the growth of any individual. We are required to think on higher levels in any organization to move up the ladder.

Workshop Summary

This workshop has been a great learning experience on how to think on higher levels. The workshop is targeted for the students to know, how thinking out of the box in a practical environment like, at work, helps the students to be focused at work and develop a positive attitude at the workplace. The students get a fair idea about the different people and their behavior at work, and it has helped the students to think differently and know about the work culture, other than the regular studies. Awareness has been created in the minds of all the students regarding the importance of an individual in an organization.
The important aspect of this workshop is to see if a student can handle a particular task. The workshop answers the following questions like, when the task is assigned then how is it accepted? Does the student go an extra mile to understand the task and think in higher levels to produce the outcome of the task? If the student does not have relevant information about the task then it is required to think beyond boundaries, give some work to the grey cells, ask as many questions related to the task and gather lots of information that could be helpful in competing the task. The workshop provides an insight on thinking on higher levels at work as an example.

Practical Application

In a workplace there are people of different ages, with a lot of experience and we must take this opportunity to learn from their experiences. It is very important to act in a professional manner, respect an individual, and never talk ill about the other person. Being nice, accountable and responsible will have an edge over others and our good performance can make us valuable in the organization. The expectation levels on an individual are always higher towards our work, performance and ethics. If we have the skills to exceed the expectations of the organization, then it must always be highlighted in an interview. People are good observers and they observe every move of other people in the workplace. Learning the email etiquette helps us in the long run as most of the communication takes place through emails in the workplace. We must know our colleagues better and not gossip much with them. Being a team player helps us and the organization to achieve its goals. If we prove ourselves with our performance, the trust is automatically built.

Personal Impact

I personally feel that in a workplace I must be very conscious of my surrounding as people notice many moves. In this fast paced generation, delivering a quality product quickly adds value to my existence in the workplace. I am aware that I may not get another opportunity to prove myself if I do not perform to the expectations of the company. Growing in a workplace to me is by fair means and I would not indulge in any unethical methods to get a raise in my position or salary. Building a relation with the colleagues and supervisors is extremely important as there is a dependency factor associated to complete any task. As I always think on higher levels I am confident of fitting in the big picture and make a positive difference to the workplace and the people around me. Even if I have a female supervisor it would not make any difference in me to learn from her, as I am focused to achieve high in my career. As I also have the willingness to share my knowledge I can be a good team player. It is always better to communicate in a professional manner and have evidence in a form of soft or hard copy to avoid any misunderstandings.