Theatre studies essay examples

Theatre studies

The greatest thing in the life of an actor is talent. However, it is also important if one acquires the right formal training needed for a successful career in this field. As one trains, one should have a deeper understanding of oneself. An actor should have knowledge of him, understands his strengths and weaknesses. They should know that they have the ability to act in any theatre.
Basically, an actor should be a self motivated personality with an urge to excel. At the same time, he should be ready to learn, listen and follow the instructions given (Stanislavski, K., 2008). He should be a self controlled fellow who can learn different things on daily basis. He should train everyday to learn new things that can eventually build him as a successful actor.
Meanwhile, an actor’s daily routine should be a busy one comprising of activities performed both within and out of the theatre. A well organized actor should create time for personal rehearsals, body make up, tutorials, auditions and the performance of any other duty in their day to day life. The offstage activities done by the actor like reading, personal grooming and watching movies is the most crucial since the majority of the acting should be privately done. They should also create time for a rest in order to refresh themselves (Stanislavski, K., 2008).
On the other hand, the only way through which one may rise to be stellar is by repeated training and creative use of talents. An actor should be very creative and dynamic because this can help them to play various roles in the play. Besides, they should cone their talents by reading extensively, respecting orders and performing unlimited private off theatre tutorials. This will actually make them survive in any kind of environment hence becoming popular with many fans.

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