The two places

Task Introduction Marina Del Rey is a usually referred to as unincorporated because of the unique things found in the One of its closest towns is Santa Monica and all the areas surrounding like Venice Beach. Residents of marina Del Rey have a wide variety of places to visit which are not far from their homes or places of work. For instance, Santa Monica is one of the places that can be visited and not forgetting the sandy Venice beach that stretches for approximately three miles. I am going to write about these two places, that is Venice and Santa Monica.
Santa Monica is found on the southern part of California and has a population of about ninety thousand according to the 2010 census done in the city. Pacific islanders form the smallest racial group in Santa Monica with a percentage of 0. 1% while whites making up the largest percentage of 77%. Santa Monica being a beach city has attracted a lot of businesses and investors from overseas. International clothes designers and other celebrated merchandise are all found in the city.
Anybody visiting Santa Monica will find a reason to overstay his or her welcome especially at night. This is because there is a buzzing nightlife in the city. Bright lights and many theatres are a norm in Santa Monica. There are also cultural museums which the residents can get useful information about the city and America as a whole. For the art lovers, there is an array of galleries to visit that feature international and local artists.
Crime in Santa Monica is not high. For instance, cases of sex offenders are quite low. Other offences such as thefts and arson are also minimal with about 2000 thefts in 2010. Therefore, it is a safe place to live in without worrying about thugs attacking the area. The city usually holds cultural events such as fun fairs and community based activities such as disability day races. This definitely keeps people together.
Venice Beach is adjacent to Marina Del Rey and is one o the places that is ideal for visiting if one is used to always being in Marina Del Rey. Just like Santa Monica, Venice beach is a tourist attraction due to its sandy beaches. In fact, Venice is quite similar to Santa Monica. The population as of 2008 was about 41, 000 with white residents taking almost 64% of that number (Drake). It is said to be one of the wealthiest cities in the neighborhood because the average income of a household is 67, 057 dollars.
However, Venice has a culture of street performers who do great shows from juggling to skating while playing guitars. Entertainment wise, it offers a different twist from other cities such as Santa Monica. The performers are all over the streets and even all the way to the beach. One can relax and enjoy the different individuals doing their best with their talents. Residents of Venice can boast of being the home of the Shelby Mustang. America’s first racecar was first manufactured in Venice.
Venice is also rated highly in areas such as friendliness of pedestrians to motorists and vice versa. Culturally speaking, it has a small percentage of African-Americans and other ethnic groups but still it scores highly when it comes to multicultural interactions. The residents in
Venice are majorly individuals living in their own houses (Drake). Married couples without children form the second largest kind of housing. Most houses are rented. Venice has many new couples who give the city some kind of energy hence why the buzzing life during night and day. There is very little crime in Venice, which goes almost un-noticed.
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