The top ten major trading partners of the united states

The Top Ten Major Trading Partners of the United States
The top ten major trading partners of the United States in 2014 are Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Korea. The top 5 exporters to the United States were Canada, Mexico, China, United Kingdom and Japan. The top 5 importers to the United States were China, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Germany (Cohen, 2007).
The 5 major recipients of US direct foreign investment are United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Canada and France. The 5 countries that are the major investors into the US are United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Japan and Venezuela (Cohen, 2007).
Ford Motor Company
Walt Disney Company
General Electric
Headquarters of the company: city and country
Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Burbank, California, USA
Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Sales revenues
2013: 146. 91B
2014: 179. 11B
2013: 48. 8B
2014: 54. 16B
2013: 146B
2014: 171B
2013: 49. 8B
2014: 53. 7B
Percentage of sales coming from exports
2013: 45%
2014: 53%
2013: 49%
2014: 50%
2013: 47%
2014: 49. 2%
2013: 50%
2014: 57%
Percentage of sales from foreign operations
2013: 46%
2014: 51%
2013: 43%
2014: 46%
2013: 46%
2014: 53%
2013: 49. 1%
2014: 52. 3%
Total assets
2013: 202. 02B
2014: 256. 71B
2013: 84. 2B
2014: 93B
2013: 656B
2014: 723B
2013: 237B
2014: 312B
Percentage of assets from foreign operations
2013: 50%
2014: 50. 9%
2013: 59%
2014: 63%
2013: 49%
2014: 52%
2013: 51%
2014: 58%
Net income after taxes
2014: 7. 15B
2013: 6. 74B
2014: 87B
2013: 8B
2013: 13. 1B
2014: 2, 925, 000
2013: 5. 3B
2014: 7. 1B
Net income after taxes from foreign operations
2013: 45%
2014: 50%
2013: 58%
2014: 64%
2013: 47%
2014: 53%
2013: 58%
2014: 63%
Which countries are listed as locations of the company’s foreign subsidiaries
Canada, Mexico, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Russia and South Africa.
China, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Canada
Mexico, China, United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan, India, South Africa, Germany
England, Netherlands, India, China,
How many countries does the company operate in?
190 worldwide
Ford Motor Company greatly value international business. The company is present in five continents; North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Therefore, it is a multinational company with global interests.
The foreign operations of the company are increasing. The percentage of sales export has increased from 45% in 2013 to 50% in 2014. Despite the international economic recession, the sales of products from Ford Motor Company have increased.
Walt Disney Company values global business. The entertainment services and related products provided by the company are utilized globally, in almost all countries. Entertainment services offered by the company are commonplace in households across the globe.
The increase in foreign operations of the Walt Disney Company is attributed to the increased foreign investments, especially in the areas of amusement and recreational parks. The sales of entertainment products have also improved globally, with the 2014 value being the highest at 54. 16B.
General Electric Company place importance to their international business and this is shown by the high percentage of sales, revenue and net income that originate from their international operations.
The foreign operations of General Electric Company have improved as illustrated through the foreign sales operations from 46% to 53% in 2014. The diversified product portfolio of the company has improved presence in almost all developed economies.
Unilever Company is a multinational with a presence in over 190 countries. This is because there consumable products are utilized by the citizens of all countries. The export sales have increased by 57% in 2014.
The increase in foreign operations is illustrated through the net income earned from foreign operations, which grew to 63% of the total net income in 2014. Foreign investments have also continuously increased over the years, to show increasing interest in the global market.
Cohen S. D, (2007). Multinational Corporations and Foreign Direct Investment: Avoiding Simplicity, Embracing Complexity. Oxford University Press, USA.