The Television Show “The Winx Club”: Gender Roles

The Winx Club is a television show with a full female main cast. The females have magical abilities and graduate from Alfea College, becoming fairy warriors. They have male partners who help them in their pursuits but do not have magical properties. Bloom is the main female character, who found out she had powers and studied to develop her skills. Sky is Bloom’s finance, a graduate of the Red Fountain school, who later becomes the king of Eraklyon. The male characters do not have special powers and only help to fight villains. The themes were stereotyped in relationships between males and females, the latter being the main performer in heroic acts.

Bloom’s character is androgynous: she is brave, strong, impulsive, a true leader, but at the same time, caring, sensitive, and feminine. Sky’s character evolves throughout the series, featuring also androgynous traits: with a strong sense of duty, brave and tough, he is also willing to let a female lead him and is very kind. The television show has a tone of feminism, and it is mainly aimed at a female audience. The basic skinny girls with appealing outfits and each having a boyfriend spread a wrong idea about real life for children and may create future complexes for girls to meet the appearance standards and partner expectations. There are no representations of non-binary genders in the Winx.