The subject of business studies essay

I had a lot of scruples, specially because of being distant from my mother, but now at 1 7 years I realize that traveling has been an enormous advantage, as I am now fluent in four languages. English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and have knowledge in Russian, since I attended after a course for 6 month. In addition, traveling helped me to develop my socializing skills, as I had to make new acquaintances as moved, and due to cultural diversity had an opportunity to come across a variety of points of view, which influenced me in many ways.

Besides my interest in traveling and languages, the subject of business studies fascinates me extensively. I’m particularly intrigued by the theory of marketing and its international aspect, such as how multinationals cater for the demands and needs in different circumstances and countries. Do also love the challenge of creativity and theoretical skills on which marketing lays. Have improved my understanding and practical skills of business by spending 6 weeks in a cosmetic firm, Burger/Coachwork’s in Italy. I benefited from this immensely, as I worked in both accounting and marketing field. This working experience was enthralling as it enhanced my interest in the subject and I learnt about the work that is undertaken at a business, and about the employees that work there. Moreover I gave private German lessons to children aged from 6 to 10 and worked as a waiter in a restaurant on Schuler mountain, Italy for one month.

This taught me patience and once again improved my social skills. I think that my vast knowledge in language, which want to expand to Mandarin, and my interest for business is a perfect platform for a higher education in International Business. My choice of German, French, Business Studies and Geography in my A-levels, reflect my interest for this course. These subjects have broadened my understanding in he field of business and I look forward to the real challenge of taking a business course in the university. During my spare time, I enjoy listening to a range of music, especially to the genre of blues, doing sports such as skiing, tennis, horse riding and swimming, and socializing. I’ve become more disciplined in my academic work due to my involvement in the above games. I’ve also learnt to work with different people from different backgrounds and my leadership skills have greatly improved. I am a regular reader of the Independent and Inc, I enjoy keeping up with the current affairs and business news.

I’m also an avid reader ND am currently reading “ Alternating” by Albert Campus in French. Reading has improved my critical thinking and improved the level of my language. As for my personality, I genuinely believe I’m a friendly, motivated and enthusiastic student. Have a passion for vintage cars and arts. My main ambition for the future is to work in the field of marketing in an international sphere for a big firm and later on start my own business in my home country Angola.

I seriously believe that I’m now ready to take on a demanding degree. I’m ready to pursue a higher education in International Business and to thrive on any challenge at your university.