The stranger from albrt camus

12 October The Stranger by Albert Camus Answer The concept of evil is mainly dependent upon the justice and humanity. One needs to justify his/her behavior or action. All human beings are equal as far as their life and death is concerned. No one is society has the special privilege of killing any other person for no good reason, unlike Meursault, who killed a person without even knowing that person and for no good reason (Sparknotes. com). This shows that Meursault committed a crime of killing a person without any reason and thus his act can be regarded as evil.
Answer 2:
This book can be related to business ethics in two ways. Firstly, there was no ethical compulsion on Meursault to kill that unknown person without any cause. In businesses, some companies often produce some unethical moves especially against their cutthroat competitors. Those tactics might not have any legal consequence but they are unethical nevertheless. Secondly, businesses do not believe in humanity or feelings for humanity. They carry out their businesses only to maximize the wealth of owners regardless of humanity being suffered simultaneously. In exactly the same way, the act of Meursault on her mother’s funeral demonstrates the lack of feelings for humanity.
Answer 3:
The relationship of Meursault has been quite absurd such that there is a justification or rational of doing any particular conduct. Even killing a person should have any particular reason. This shows that Meursault did not believe in existentialism as he thought that a human life does not have any purpose for existence. The existence of human is not necessary according to Meursault and he better thought of getting rid of the person by killing him, showing an absurd state of mind.
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