The prostitution problem (responses)

The prostitution problem (Responses) ment on response I agree with the position that women have been victims of circumstances that force them into prostitution. The need to meet their basic needs and live decent lives while their employment opportunities were scarce and remunerations for available opportunities were low justifies this. Male dominance in the society also offers men the authority to dictate on women and to misuse them for men’s sexual gains. The society is also biased in its judgment on prostitution because it victimizes women more than it does to men. If a man and a woman engage in a sexual encounter then equity would place same level of responsibility as long as they both agreed to perform the act but the society is harsher on women. I therefore concur with the response that a double standard exist over the prostitution problem and that the society has forced women into prostitution by establishing them as weaker people who are vulnerable to men’s manipulations.
Statement on response 2
The response is comprehensive and its inference to the contemporary environment is valid because literature shows that despite numerous sources of power that women can use, especially in domestic set ups against male dominion, women still find themselves vulnerable. Men retain financial responsibility in families and their higher economic potential creates power over their married partners and other women who may be desperate for financial support. Factors such as religious and cultural values also undermine possible sources of power that women could use counter male influence. Consequently, women remain tools for manipulation by men and their best alternative is to take capitalistic advantage of men’s sexual needs. This establishes the basis of prostitution even in the contemporary despite better economic environment for women (Ghanim 98-100).
Works cited
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