The pirates

Despite the fact that between culture and movies, no quantified data can be ascertained to determine which one influences the other most, we are all to agree that movies do influence peoples live significantly. For instance, the issue of marriage is one area where many people have tried to conceptualize and put into practice what is theorized in the movies. Look at the movie” Behind the Secret Window”, it has salient psychological thrilling that does taint the lives of people who are divorced. It influences how people would behave when they realize that their partner is cheating on them; this is fully manifested in what Amy goes through in the film. Another area where filming industry has been phenomenal in shaping society’s culture is in consumerism. The life styles people see celebrities go through in the movies really have an impact on people’s spending nature.

Technological gadgets today cannot be in the market for the next two years if they (company) does not renovate to match the changing taste. There is no doubt that films or in other words movies are at the epicenter of world entertainment. This is proven by the seemingly high business turnover experienced in the year 2009 when Avatar made history. In essence therefore, such voluminous development must go along with critical reviews for the industry products. In this part, we are going to look at the review of, “ The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists” in Metacritic. com.

One important thing about this review is that it does not limit itself to a formalistic approach which dominates many reviews, but goes a head to use the more standardized Structuralism Approach. That is, instead of merely looking at the narrative and cinematic animations that dominate the film, it looks further at the deeper symbols that give meaning to the whole plot. The public perception has been captured in this review in that, through the movie, people are taken back to approximately thirty years, so that they may reflect effectively their lives in the next thirty years or so. For instance, the review catches the sense of humor used thirty years ago and people still think they are valuable to date. Most importantly, the reviewer’s attitude of the film has been outlined in most of his words such as “ transvestite, an albino” which depicts how unscrupulous these pirates were (Rocchio, 2000).