The patriot movie

The Patriot Movie The Patriot movie has been a great movie. All the scenes were incredible and others were devastating. Having to watch this history movie has become one of myfavorite movieswith the scenes that I have chosen. My first scene I chose was actually a very sad part of the movie. It was when Benjamins 2nd oldest son was shot by one of the British cruel leaders. He was killed because he was trying to free his oldest son Gabriel and was shot instead. After that, Benjamin became upset because the British leader ended up ordering to kill the wounded American’s and burned his house down.

He got his sons, the guns and went after them to get his oldest son. They ended up killing all the soldiers and made sure they all died and ended up freeing his son from getting executed. The reaction I got from this part of the movie was very shocking that they would kill a kid and burn down a whole house. It’s also shocking that they were allowed to do all that. What I liked about it though was that he went after his son and did not care about what he had to do, he just had to decide it and go after it. The second scene I chose was when Gabriel went to the church and tried to ask for people to join.

At the church the pastor asked for him to leave and was trying to make him leave but he wouldn’t. Anne, his future wife ends up helping him and convinces everyone to let him talk and started talking about how everyone is always talking about helping, independence and freedom. That they should act upon what they believe and help. After all that I like that he asked her father if he can write to her while he is at war. My reaction to this was very interesting how she defended him and actually helped him get the people’s attention.

How she spoke up to everyone and just what was her opinion and what she thought was right. I just felt it was right and that she used herfreedom of speechand spoke up The third scene I have chosen was when Benjamin tricked the soldiers and took his back by talking to the British commander. Tavington got very angry and found out about 7 soldiers homes and went after Benjaminsfamily. His family ended up noticing and hid, some of the American soldiers showed up and took his family while others fought the rest of the British soldiers.

By this time I was really interested in this part and was glad that they ended up hiding. I was shocked most of the movie but this part was another main one. It was shocking when I was expecting them to catch one of his younger sons under the table. The fourth scene would be when Gabriel’s wife goes home after their marriage and shows up to the British soldiers gathering her whole village in a temple. The soldiers locked them in and burned it. Later on Gabriel went and found everything and could not find his wife so he went after Tavington and ended up getting killed by him.

I felt so sad when this happened. I was very confident at first, happy that Tavington was getting killed until he turned around and stabbed Gabriel. A Very disappointing feeling and shocked once more. The last and fifth scene was when they were all fighting against each other. And most of his close soldiers were dieing and when he found Tavington they got into a big fight. Tavington almost killed Benjamin, but Benjamin ended up switching it around. I knew it was going to end in a positive way but at that moment I was just curious of what else could of happened.

I didn’t think that Benjamin was going to get out of that death and it shocked me the most. Very shocking movie. My reaction to this whole movie was a lot of twisted feelings. It was a very sad, shocking movie and I couldn’t really predict on what would happen next. It has to be one of my favorite war movies and I’m glad I watched it. I would definitely recommend it to someone who was in a history class to watch it. I’m glad it ended in a good note and was just surprised in all the twisted things it had and was just disappointed on who did not make it to the end. A good movie, with a good end.