The office season 5-episode 12: the prince family

The episode serves well to demonstrate Michael characters of naivety and stupidity while at the same revealing his moral dilemma. He goes to the extent of pretending so that his staff members like him and be seen as good. The notion of hurting the Prince is disturbing him so much because it is Michael’s wish to have such family and for the first time, he can empathize with their demands. The thesis of this argument is based on sourcing information on who brings a threat to Michael paper business and his ability to overcome tribulations whenever they strike. It is good to have a strong thesis argument so that observers are able to know what the play is all about.  The use of ethos is clear in episode twelve, the office in that it is possible to observe that Michael developed a guilty feeling about hurting the prince family which made him question his moral tenets. It is effective because the writer is able to persuade readers by challenging their reliability and moral principles.

The use of pathos is also clear when Dwight an employee presents his argument to support his side. He further argues that another company will do the same thing to hurt Dunder Mifflin, thus they need to expand and grow. This use of pathos is ineffective because it does not clearly elicit a specific emotional reaction such as desire or eagerness from the employees since they just stare at Dwight. The use of logos is well demonstrated. For instance, Michael and Dwight are presented as the natural comic duo who both understands each other for distinct reasons and their ignorance bears fruits since it is logical. Michael argues that he is in the paper industry because he is too knowledgeable in that discipline by saying he is a genius.  The argument ends in such a manner because such as the frivolous argument that looks contradictory that normal employee like Oscar would have no interest in it. This makes the use of emotive personal argument and slide shows genuinely funny.