The most influential person in this era

The world in gradually evolving day by day and it is us, the people from all over different countries, who make it happens. But like always, there are those people whose influence, despite the distance, affect others across the nations and whose names stick forever in the history. On the contrary, there are also people who individually change our life. Bill Gates, for instance, has brought us to the whole new level of technology with his invention of Microsoft, which is known to be the most dominated software for computers. Microsoft also became the name of the largest software corporation. There is no doubt that without his role there would not be any work done, there would not be any lists completed. As an ordinary person himself, I believe Bill Gates grew up with the same thing we have today. But what made him what he is today, are inevitably his determination to cross the boundaries, his intrepidity to take a risk, his perseverance to keep trying to reach his goal, and last but not least, his luck. Other experts at that time might time he was doing such an empty gesture, but knowing the truth that he eventually succeed, they might have a bitter pill to swallow. Even today, his name is widely spread. He even made it to the top list of the most influential people all over the world. Despite the fame, he is still willing to care for the needy. His investment in The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation means not only immediate advances for some, but also a ripple effect to many others. Improving life means a better living condition and a new hope for the future. By his work and donations, he has encouraged people of great and lesser wealth to be more considerate and to work for the good of the world community. We always think that it is formidable to be successful. We think that we should be the number one at school, we have to master some special skills, and whatsoever. But a matter of fact, those things are not really necessary. We do need to learn a lot but our success is not always determined by how many books we read and how adroit we are in certain subjects. I ever read something really interesting about Bill Gates where he quoted “ I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed it all. Now he is an engineer at Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft. ” You can never predict when you will actually be the future most influential person.