The me place book review

I would not have responded to Linda’s public admonition. Responding to it would put her in a state of personal defense, in which case she would seek to strengthen her case even if it meant fabricating things. Besides, it would only make me seem guilty and insecure.
The story illustrates misuse of power in various ways; for one, the head of department uses his power to undermine the assistant head if department while heeding his wife. Linda also uses her husband power to influence the department even against the will of other members of the department. This is a clear misuse of power and office.
One reason is that the head of department had misused his power, had been in favor of his wife and even went against the assistant’s advice on persuasion of the wife. Linda’s activities were also not fair to the other members of the department hence prompting the demotion. The assistant manager could also have had motivation from personal issues regarding the head and his wife.

Being the Boss isn’t easy

First is that Sally had an informal relationship with her peers while working in the office, this has caused her to find difficulty in supervising them and working as their leader. Another reason is that sally did not understand the new position she was taking up and underestimated the stakes it would take. The situation is also due to lack of respect by her former peers for her that led them to exploiting the relationship with her.

Promotion Is Often a Reward to an Employee for Work Contributions

A promotion is the advancement of an employee to a job position better in salary with more power, responsibility and authority. This makes it desirable for several employees and is given to employees as a reward for work they do. Sometimes an employee may not desire the role of management and in this case, the company provides an alternative career path to appreciate such an employee. A promotion is an important way of an organization to show their value for excellent employees and promotions should always be available to those with remarkable performance at work.


Promotion is a form of appreciation for work done by the employee for a company.
In case a promotion leads to management role not desired by the employee the company should provide an alternative career path for the employee.

It is an organization’s obligation to reward the work of their employees by promotion.

I will apply this information as a motivation for better performance in what I do.


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