The luxury of delaying your responsibilities

You can’t be late for job, bills have to be paid on time. It is a decision you have to make today; whether to change for the better and look ahead to the future, or be conformable with the idea that we are a slacker generation.
You should be the difference since you are the most senior in the school and the role models to the rest. When the time will come that you will have to leave this place; the world should know that your class will not hold back since you will be the once making the difference out there.
It is important that at this point you have come to appreciate the fact there is a solution for every problem, no matter how big or small it may be. For every solution that is provided, someone or something will always be gaining and by doing this, you will be making the school a better place than you found it.
All of you may not end up in college, and success does not come at an instance. But what I can assure you is that if you use your time in school wisely, you will succeed in the long run. Don’t waste your time in school, you have a very little time left to make things right.