The key elements of marketing essay

While the key elements of marketing remain constant of all types of marketing remain the same there are plenty of differences across all types of it. There are two main differences between domestic marketing and international marketing: 1. The level of international marketing between the two is different. 2.

The macro environmental factors that influence the international market is a lot more complex. Domestic Marketing: Is marketing which involves the company manipulating a series of uncontrollable variables such as price, advertising, distribution and the product in a largely uncontrollable external environment that made up of different economic structures, competitors, cultural values and legal infrastructure within the specific political or geographic country boundaries. In the case of the Ipad this would be apple operating within the boundaries of a single country. International Marketing: Is marketing which involves operating across a number of foreign country markets in which not only do the uncontrollable variables differ significantly between one market and another, but the controllable factors in the form of cost and price structures, opportunities for advertising and distributive infrastructure are also likely to differ significantly. It is these sorts of differences that lead to the complexities of international marketing. In the case of the Ipad this would be apple’s true form.

Operating all over the world. International marketing varies from simple to more complex forms. In its simplest terms international marketing consists of a firm making marketing decisions across the boundaries of a country. In a more complex form international marketing consists of a firm producing and operating in different locations across the globe.