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Shunga secrets bared between the covers by Victoria James, Japan times.
“ Shunga: sex and pleasure in pleasure in Japanese art” is a very famous book in japan that entails some of the sex stimulus, the main being known locally as shunga. it is more detailed than a catalogue in a museum. it is more comprehensive in that it has details of all sex tips in Japan. The language used is easily understandable all over the world (Victoria, 4). The shunga was carried using the kimonos, armor and armor chests. Shunga was common that it can be found in British museums. The shunga was kept much far away from the children.
The book had a strong and good outlook as the coffee table book. This will enable it to stay for a long time. Also it was voluminous as it contained sexual stimuli and their application procedures. The journal also portrait a part form sex and pleasure, the art of love and it fit those interested in learning Japanese culture. This made journal of high demands as the historians and scholars learning the Japanese culture will go for it (Victoria, 6).
According to the journal, young people were excluded from sexual activities and hence knew a little of shunga’s. This therefore shows a society with moral standards of a higher order. Violence also existed in between those who up hold the morals of the society and those who breach them (Victoria, 4). This tries to imply that no society is perfect; at least there must be the few who goes against the morals. There existed relationship between shunga and the erotic manga as well as anime, but there were no discussions on it.
In conclusion, the journal;” shunga: sex and pleasure in Japanese art” achievements scale have met the modest complaints. It is also motivated as the demonstration of the British gallery.

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