The impact of taking online courses essay examples

The impact of taking Online Courses has become a topic of debate as innovation and technology have allowed an great opportunity for distance learning to emerge. This essay will determine if the online education is as effective as in-class learning at assisting the student to achieve understanding. Alongside the capacity to assess the online experience is the fact that modern technology has created an avenue to acquire large amounts of data on any subject.
Beginning with an overview of the online educational experience will create a database upon which to build a working foundation. Following this segment with an analysis of the modern practice of distance learning will demonstrate as to what extent the trend has taken hold in the current era. Combining the elements of the first sections will enable the assessment of the future potential and application of the Online Learning process.
In the end this study will have examined past factors, modern practice and future potential with the clear goal of determining the overall impact of Online Learning on the educational system.

Online Learning Past Influence

Miss Ticknor, a leading pioneer of distance learning, described the drive to establish this form of education succinctly: “ of those whose homes were far away from the centres of learning and universities, and yet who craved educational advantages for themselves and their families” (Moore and Kearsley 23). This innovative spirit, coupled with the evolving technology of the modern era has made educational opportunities available that were not thought possible in prior ages.
Online learning has evolved from a principle of long distancing learning developed by educators over the course of many generations (Moore and Kearsley 23). The beginning of the distance learning concept was due to the lack of resources to be found in some of the remote areas around the world. Moore and Kearsley (23) describe the first generation of distance education as being through the post office. This method was limited in that it was slow and prone to delays. Labelled ‘ home study’ or alternatively ‘ independent study’ the 1980’s saw the development of the distance learning practice (Moore and Kearsley 24).
The concept of distance learning continued to evolve with the second generation of distance education taking place via radio and television transmission (Moore and Kearsley 24). This format provided a more realistic classroom setting that alleviated many of the concerns that had come to light with the practice of the postal form. With a real time method to impart conventional education to long distance students, the teachers and staff were very optimistic as to the potential this tier possessed (24). Combined with television and cablevision as a source, the areas of possible long distance education continuously advanced providing more and more potential for the student body.
The current form of the long distance education is a combination of the previous experiences, coupled with the real time ability to communicate with teachers and campuses from around the globe via the internet (Moore and Kearsley 24). This modern advance has created the capacity for specialization learning in areas that were previously hard to achieve due to the cost of travel and living associated with the learning experience.

Online Learning Modern Influence

The modern age of technology has brought about a gadget rich environment that serves to take the student to higher levels of learning. Modern statistics show that well over ninety per cent of the modern student body possesses a computer and access to the internet (Kvavik, Robert and Caruso 35). This fact is a clear indication that the availability of data online is spurring the development and use of the associated technology. Of the wide range of students that own a computer, the first use is for educational purposes (35). The illustration of wide spread acceptance provides a compelling backdrop to the argument that computers have been responsible for the massive growth of the online learning environment. Associated with each of these factors is the simple assessment by the students themselves, that it is their expertise in the online world that allows them to achieve the level of learning that they currently do (35). With such a growing recognition of the potential, the associated tendency to make use of these technologies is growing with every session, in every school.
Kvavik, Robert and Caruso (38) argue that the modern educational curriculum and the technology are intertwined. The development and progress of each of the fields is enhanced and partially dependent on the other. Students firmly believe that the growing area of technology is a boon and a long lasting asset (38). Alongside this recognition of value will be the hesitance to discard the technology, with every advance, the expectation of innovation will be strengthened.

The future potential of Online Courses

The continued progression of the educational environment makes the practice of online learning and distance education a form of learning that is here to stay (Mayadas, Bourne and Bacisch 85). This is firmly in line with the student perception of a long time workable area in which to find research data. Many of the potential benefits will serve to build a better degree program as well as provide a fundamentally deeper education to the student (85). This is further facts that reflect that fact that finding the presence of the modern long distance learning environment is a boon to a wide variety of students and educators both.
The formation of social institution on the World Wide Web has served to give the student a forum in which to communicate with other students worldwide (Harris and Alan 137). This is another development that aids in the continued expectation of the distance learning concept. As the world is brought close together though the social and cultural connections, so too will the educational opportunities be brought along with them.

In Conclusion

The practice of students taking online courses has had a hugeimpact on the potential of modern education around the world. This essay has presented evidence that shows that there is a wide spread need for the form of education that can reach anywhere, in virtually any specialty. Accepted by the majority of the students, the availability of online technology has the ability to change every facet of the world we live in.
In the end, online learning is here to stay. It will the experience provided by the first generations of distance learning that will provide the fundamental method to the best potential for success in the future.

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