The immigration reform and control act

If the employer does not comply with the law to verify the employment eligibility of all new employees and goes ahead to employ an alien, the employer may face both civil and criminal liability. This comes with the imposition of huge fines ranging from $100 to $1000 for each hire. They could as well face imprisonment for a pattern or practice of non-compliance (Aguilera & Michael p 240-1).
I highly agree with these consequences. This is because the IRCA is enacted to help solve the problem of the massive illegal immigration into the country. This is together with all the policies behind this law, which are imposed by the federal government for the sake of greater control and stronger enforcement mechanisms. Therefore to support the federal government create a conducive environment for the citizen, the employers must adhere to these laws (Pan, Ying p 18-23).
Patricia can employ a variety of policies and procedures to ensure that they comply with this law. Their recruitment procedures must, therefore, be open, transparent and in line with the laws. This means they simply need to align their company policies to the laws of the land for smooth operations.