The hunger games essay sample

In the novel, there is a very clear sense of right and wrong. The Capital killing children and growing rich of the toil of the people is obviously wrong. Katniss does what she must to survive and does kill other competitors. Morality is defined as personal or cultural values, codes of conduct or social mores; it has neither a good or bad connotation on its own. For this essay argue the role that morality plays in the novel. How does Katniss’ sense of morality affect the way that she plays the game? Is there a clear representation of Good and Evil in the novel?

The Hunger Games is set in a dystopian future for North America, a world called Panem. The use of setting is used to not only give a sense of the dismal world that Katniss finds herself but also to give history into how North America became so vastly different from the world we know today. Give examples of how descriptions of the setting set the tone for the novel. What are we told about the history of Panem that gives a sense of North America’s dystopian future? A dystopia is a repressive and controlled state. In what ways is Panem a dystopia? Are there any ways that Panem is not a dystopia? Use examples from the novel to support your assertions.

There are two different perceptions of beauty presented in the novel, those of the people of Seam and those of the people in the Capitol. The Capitol prides the beauty that people tend to pride today, youth, a lean figure and facial beauty. Seam finds attractiveness in what shows survival and wealth, such as a large belly showing an abundance of food or old age showing strength and longevity. What do you think the novel is trying to say about today’s perceptions of beauty? Do you think the novel favors one version of beauty over the other? Use examples from the novel to support your conclusions.