The e-sport concept literature review example

Literature Review

The paper is set to review the cyber age period in relation to the innovations that led to the popularity of the computer games. Since the invention of the computer games, it is clear that there have been major progress in the gaming industry due to the popularity the trend has gained. The gaming industry has grown at a very high rate because of the interest that has been shown in computer games and the advancement of technology that has taken place over the years. It is clear through the review that the computer gaming industry has grown to be worldwide recognized where different countries are now taking part in competitions. This has led to the creation of professional gamers who take place in computer gaming tournaments to make a living. The trend has been growing fast despite the disadvantages associated with this field. This paper is set to review the computer gaming industry, the progress that has been made and the challenges that are encountered in this field.

It is established that the computer gaming has become as competitive as compared to other athletes games since it has proven to be of great significance due to the challenges encountered. This is despite the reality of the game where the players are not exposed to real life situations unlike in actual sports (Shields, & Richard). This has not been a hindering factor in the success computer games has made throughout the world. There have been a number of international tournaments that have been taken place in different countries of the world where the competitors compete for large sums of money. This proves how much the computer industry has grown to a level where international gamers from different countries to come together to compete for an award. This is unlike in the previous times where gaming was only considered a recreational activity for children and young adults.
The growth of the gaming industry has been on the rise from the early 80s where it has reached its peak during 2000s where there has been a complete change of technology whereby there are now more advanced computer games which require a lot of skills (Guorui). Computer game has become an income earner to players who have devoted their time and resources to ensure they are perfect and effective in their skills (Djiena-Engoue, etl). This is through gaining recognition in various gaming arenas where they are able to beat the best gamers in other countries. The growth of gamers has been on the increase despite the challenges involved which include health risk and discouragement from concerned persons who view computer gaming as a health hazard. More sponsors have come up to support professional gamers has also been on the rise following the success that has been displayed in the gaming industry (Russell). The sponsors have been able to motivate the players by their donations of gaming kits and computer games machines (Grubb). Some sponsors have also been noted to contribute to the raising of the prize money that is awarded to the best players during international gaming contests.

E-Sports: Possible Health-Related Concerns

Having reviewed the health risks that are involved with computer gaming activities, it is clear that most parents may not in support of these activities due to the physical and other health risks that are involved with computer gaming. One of the major physical consequences that have been associated with computer gaming is addiction (Physical Consequences of Gaming) Addiction. This is an argument that parents have brought forward that state their children have become too much addicted to gaming that they are not partaking in other activities that they are required to take place in. There are also other health complications that may arise out of gaming such as the destruction of the nerves in the forearm due to the continuous pressure that is exerted on the forearm. This leads to the swelling of the thumb and irritation which make the player uncomfortable. It has also been noted that there is an increase of the migraine which causes headaches. These headaches can lead to diarrhea; there are also other psychological disorders that are associated with excessive gaming that are harmful to the players’ health. Insomnia, paranoia and nightmares where the players may have bad dreams in relation to the games they are constantly playing may affect them negatively where they may become fatigued since they are not able to handle other activities due to the lack of sleep. Insomnia is caused by too much brain activity where the players think a lot about the games they are engaged in during the day.
Backaches and brains stimulation which the players suffer from are relatively a result of the many hours spent engaging in these gaming activities are harmful to the players. Backaches are a result of the hours spent while sitting down playing games. There are possibilities of these individuals developing eating disorders since these individuals may spend a lot of time engaging themselves in gaming activities. This leads to the deterioration of the body since they are not maintaining proper dieting since they are not taking in enough food and proper diets to keep their bodies fit (Are Gamers, Athletes in Underdeveloped Bodies). There are also cases where the players may not have time in taking in proper diet but rather prefer to consume unhealthy products from fast food restraints which are easily available and ready. The gamers are also prone to being unhygienic since they do not involve themselves in cleaning activities at their places, and they may even have bad body hygiene since most of their time is spent playing computer games. There are also other health issues where the players may seem underdeveloped since they have small body’s that are as a result of the activities that they involve themselves in which deprive them of physical activity as well as proper dieting.

E-sports have Their Effects on Socialization and Academic Performance

Having reviewed the effects gaming has on the children’s social life, it is clear that they have no time to socialize with other children since most of their time is spent engaging in the computer gaming activities. Majority of these children may not be involved in social activities due to the kind of lifestyle they are accustomed to. This is because they spend a lot of time playing computer games that may turn them violent since they are used to the violent situations that they involve themselves in while playing. This may result to violent behavior of such children within the society where they may not be in a position to actively involve themselves in. These activities may also result to an increase in school dropout since they may not be in a position to handle school together with their gaming activities (Dewar)
It is also clear that there may be a negative impact on their academic performs since they do not give time to their studies. This is because they tend to neglect their studies as they are actively involved in the gaming activities. There are reports that indicate that a considerable amount of children who partake themselves in gaming activities are likely to have school problems since they are not giving enough time to school. The main argument based on the challenges that may encounter children who take place in computer gaming are solely based the impact the activities will have on their studies and physical health.

Electronic Sports Can Improve Various Human Abilities

Despite the challenges encountered through computer gaming, it has been established that there are other positive impacts. This includes increased awareness; this is because the players are able to partake in activities which require a lot of awareness due to the images that they are exposed to while playing video games (Nauert). It is well known that computer entail a lot of fast activities which they player needs to be fast in detecting in order to partake effectively in the required strategies. This has led to their reaction capacity being ranked as the same to other athletes who involve themselves in other recreational activities and sports. Computer gamers are also likely to have a high perception rate since computer gaming requires the gamers to have a high perception to complete successfully and win the games they are playing. The reasoning of such individuals is also improved as suggested in the text; this is due to the numerous activities that they are expected to involve themselves in order to complete a certain level successfully. Their aiming skills are also improved through gaming activities such as shooting which requires cognitive skills. Such children are able to have a future in careers that may require persons to have such skills. This makes their gaming activities useful since they would have gained relevant skills that may be required in real life situations.

E-Sports Are a High-income Activity

Computer gaming has proved to be a beneficial sport in spite of the challenges and the negative impact they may have on the players. Computer gamers have reportedly won a lot of prize money through involving themselves in international gaming activities where the winners are awarded with cash prizes as well as other gifts that may be relevant for them and their gaming skills (Arshad). There are also sponsorship offers that are given to children who are seen to extremely talented in computer gaming and who beat the odds when it comes to gaming. A lot of revenue has also been collected in relation to gamers who might have made their way to video channels such as YouTube.

Post-Retirement Period: a Need to Re-Qualify or Stay Employed by E-Sports

It is also stated that children who show massive skills in computer gaming are awarded numerous offers after their retirement from gaming. It has been made clear that individuals retire from gaming at an early age of 20 (Gera). At this age, those with good skills are given opportunities to take part in gaming careers which include graphic design and other media related departments (DiChristopher). The gaming industry has had success despite the challenges that have been encountered over the years following the development and advancement of the technology used in computer gaming.
The main reason of this review is to establish the impact computer gaming has had on children from the various angles that have been looked into in the review. It was to try and evaluate the significance the computer gaming practice has had on individuals who partake the practices and the disadvantages the children who play have. This was also relevant in giving in giving a proper understanding on computer gaming in general.


Having reviewed the impact e-sports has had, it is clear that computer gaming has developed from the early times during the invention of the computer to the great developments that have been made. Computer games have had a great influence on the modern child where most children involve themselves in gaming activities as stated. The dangers that are associated with computer games have been evaluated stating that, there are numerous health issues that are associated with these activities. Backaches are a major problem that is associated with gamers since they spend a lot of time seated playing games. Insomnia has also been established to be a major challenge since such children are not able to sleep due to the exposure they have during the day where most of their time is spent playing. Nightmares have also been stated to be common to children who are involved in violent or scary games that may affect their ability to sleep. Anti-social behaviors have also been associated with children who spend hours playing computer games and have no interaction with other children. Despite this challenges it is made clear that there are negative impacts of computer gaming which include increased perception and awareness. There also have been noted that there are financial benefits and other long–term benefits of computer gaming after retirement.

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