”the death cure”by james dashner essay sample

Have you ever been in a life or death situation, where every move and thought you made determined your fate? The Death Cure, by James Dashner, published in 2011, is about a boy Thomas and his group of friends going through another trials, but the time for lies is over and the truth is even more surprising than Thomas could ever have imagined. This book is one of those I would definitely recommend to everyone, also there is some things that needed to be changed and as you read through the book you notice the point of view the novel is written. One thing James Dashner is good at is Storytelling. Making up this world and coming up with all the plot twists, he’s a very talented writer. He tends to write creating suspense, making the next plot twist come at the right moment and right time, making you want to go on to the next chapter. James made it literally impossible for me to try and figure out what was going to happen. Like many of the characters in the book, I had no idea who I could trust or believe. Some of the plot twists and answers some things I questioned, but overall it was a fast-paced tale that easily drew me in, and it will draw you in too that’s why I recommend this book to everyone.

This book definitely had a lot of loose ends to tie up which would be difficult to do and still maintain all that suspense. I do think a lot of questions were left unanswered or just generally wrapped up in the same answer of WICKED is all-knowing, and can accomplish any thing they want and get everything they want. The Right Arm was very convenient almost as to fill in an empty space, but it was very thought out. I also think that Teresa was removed to easily and quick. But both Teresa and Brenda were basically fighting for Thomas, so I figured one of those two girls would be either left behind or lost in the process of the book. As you read through this book you can see that it is written in first person. During the book James Dashner takes full advantage of Thomas’s first person narration. Dashner wrote him in a way that lets him explore his feelings in ways that makes him very real.

Dashner describes the world through Thomas very well. For example when Thomas is annoyed with Teresa, I am annoyed with Teresa. When Thomas is mad at Minho, I’m mad at Minho. All in all this book, The Death Cure is one I highly recommend and one you wont likely forget. James Dashner wrote a great novel creating suspense, making the next plot twist come at the right moment. Even though there is a few loose ends and questions that need to be tied up, this book is great! Once you start reading you can see the first person narration, and the characters come to life. James Dashner has done it again, a book you just can’t put down.