The concept of big data and management essay sample

IT 2010 final project

The modern world characterized by the use of technology in every aspect has undergone another level in the application of technology in the business sector. This essay seeks to examine the use of technological application in ensuring safety, customer interaction and increase revenue fro Mr. Kirby’s small business.
As a point of departure, the present world embraces numerous technological applications either though computers, tablets or Smartphone to access their internal control system and uses it to make transactions. The business under consideration is the Mr. Kirby’s restaurant, which deals with local foods and beverages (Loshin, 2003). The enterprise falls under hotel and tourism industry, where there is stiff competition for the market share, particularly, from the tourists. The stiff competition this field has necessitated the players in the industry to apply sophisticated web page and internet application to ensure that, they sustain their market niche (Johnson, 2009). This brings us to the Kirby’s interest in technology in relation to his business

Big data refers to both the structured and non-structured data of the business. Management of this data is critical for the company’s’ continued since the process ensures quality data which is a significant step in ensuring that the data is easily accessed and is secure from any risks (Loshin, 2003). The primary reason as to why Kirby needs this technology is to help him keep the client’s and the business data in a safe manner. This will help him trace the entity’s transactions and make customer follow up in an easy way. The small business of Mr. John who is in the same industry with Mr. Kirby, uses technology and particularly, the concept of big data management and this ahs seen him safeguard all his data that regards to the business. This includes details of the clients and other partners. This concept has enabled make efficient traceable audit of his business. He is able to know the status of the business in just a moment of a click (Sabherwal & Becerra-Fernandez, 2010).

Wireless, mobile computing and mobile commerce

The essence of this technological application is enable Kirby make direct contact with his customers, suppliers and other partners as regards to the business activities from his mobile phone or a connected computer. This kind of technology, particularly using the Apple smart phone or the message tool attributed to Blackberry helps make in doing business in a faster and less costly way (Loshin, 2003). This is what technology can offer when utilized in tandem with the prevailing conditions and the available applications. Mr. Kirby will find it easy top link with his clients and vice versa. In the present world, the market is very competitive since there are numerous options of establish a firm’s marketing and distribution channels. With a large population inclining to the use of technology and its attributed features, online channels have become more efficient compared to the conventional physical stores and other outlets.
In the case of Kirby’s business, he needs to use the online marketing and distribution channels to market his business and get new clients. In essence, the Kirby needs to establish new market niches both locally and internationally by using the online applications. This method will see him expand his basins and this will mean increased revenues (Loshin, 2003). In relation to this, the online connection of Mr. Kirby and his clients is a sure way of knowing the ever-changing preferential trends. In addition, the instant status of the market trends will easily help him make sound decisions concerning branding of his products and attributed pricing. In addition, the instance information relayed will help him position his business in such way that, it is strategic within the market milieu.

Social computing

This technique is critical in helping the businesspersons to improve their communication with the clients. It is imperative to note that Kirby will use this technique to keep his clients close and this will help in knowing the clients preference trends. The social computing is also in critical in understanding the behavior pattern of the clients and this will contribute positively in product branding (Johnson, 2009). This will lead long way to customer satisfaction. In essence, social computing is an ingredient of online marketing, which will help Mr. Kirby to improve his relationship with the customers.

The Business Intelligence

This is a set of skills and tools, which help in changing raw data into workable and helpful data, which can be used for business analysis. The technology attributed to BI has the ability handle large quantities of unstructured data. The array of systems also helps in offering safety to the information. Mr. Kirby will use these systems to identify and create new and innovative business opportunities for his venture. In this case, both ethical and information issues such as information confidentiality should be considered in the process of assembling a technological strategy and system in the business (Botto, 2003). This important since the confidentiality of the business information is a key aspect of doing business. This ensures that the company’s information is safe and not exposed to the competitors who may use it to bring the business down.
In essence, Kirby should ensure that, the integration of this business data and the preferred system, the password codes and other measures intended to offer security of the information are well linked to assure the safety for the business information.


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