The comparison of old man and the sea and top girls

number Comparison of the determination at work of Lady Isabella Bird in Top Girl and Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea
Lady Isabella Bird in Top Girl is a woman who is determined to achieve her goals in life. She goes against all odds and, the male chauvinism in the society at the time to ensure that she travels the world. Her spirit is of the iron lady and can only be compared to Santiago’s determination to go out and fish but, not his spirit.
Hemingway presents Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea as a man who has a weak spirit but is determined to work. Santiago is persistent in fishing for eighty-four days with no catch. However, he has low self-esteem and, tends to believe that he is unlucky. Hemingway can only compare Santiago’s spirit to work with Marlene’s determination to travel. Lady Isabella has high self-esteem and travels the world. At one point in her life, she even commands an army giving commands as they travel to conquer the world. Santiago, on the other hand, is the one who receives encouragement from his younger counterpart.
Isabella is a hard-working lady and poetic. Santiago has experience in fishing but, loves his relations. The young man is found of him and says he has a lot to learn from him. Lady Isabella is a persistent lady who puts her family aside to pursue her dreams of travel. She is relentless in her pursuit of conquering the world and, goes against all odds to succeed despite being ill.